Baby 2 Gender!

Baby 2 Gender!

It was sweet to pass 20 weeks of pregnancy this week, and find out the gender of our little one on the way!
The anatomy scan feels so major and I never take for granted that everything looked good and healthy.
That is always the best and luckiest feeling! I also love that this halfway point is when you can find out
the gender, because it feels good to know you’ve made it halfway and knowing the gender makes it all
feel so much more real to me. Although I’ve heard of some women managing to test their baby gender as young as seven weeks into the pregnancy, with a home test kit too! Anyway, we all went to the appointment and loved seeing baby moving all
around on the screen! We had the doctor write the gender down and put it in an envelope, then
headed straight to breakfast to find out! We wanted to do something fun just with our little family
to find out– so we gave the waiter the envelope, and asked for a crepe filled with either blueberries
for a boy, or strawberries for a girl. I was so surprised and happy to cut into it to see strawberries!
I didn’t even realize but subconsciously I had totally been expecting a boy! Maybe because the
pregnancy has felt a little different, and I just pictured that? It was so funny to feel so surprised
and made it even sweeter! I never had a sister, so it’s so sweet that little Rea will have one close.
Chase says he knew and wanted another little girl, and can’t wait for more baby girl sweetness!
It is also so nice and convenient that we have all girl clothes, toys, etc since housing out here is tiny :)
And like I said, mostly so grateful for a healthy scan and little body inside me. It doesn’t seem more
normal the second time, but even more amazing and such a miracle. We are grateful, and have
been eating lots more strawberries all week long in celebration of little baby sister!!
Cute big sis leaving the ultrasound and holding pics of baby sibling! ^^
On our way to brunch to find out!! ^^
We picked this cute crepe spot on Castro that we like ^^
Crepe on the table, about to find out!!! EEEEEK!
Cutting in and seeing STRAWBERRIES! R’s face is my favorite ^^
Such a fun memory and setting with us 3 celebrating little girl on the way!
After a few pictures and celebrating I love that he dug right in haha. Poor guy was starving!
Had to include both these pics because…Reagan’s face!
I don’t know if she fully grasps any part of me being pregnant at her age,
but she sure acts like she does! And kept saying “baby sister yay” all day!
We kept smiling all day and all week since, and even got this cute parking spot later that day.
We can’t wait for you baby girl #2! Lucky lucky us!


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