Tel Aviv, Israel

We ended our Israel trip in Tel Aviv. It is a fun city right on the beach,
and has a completely different feel from Jerusalem and the rest of the
Holy Land. It’s so modern and vibrant with a really fun scene.

It was nice to relax here a little bit after all the touring and traveling
through the Holy Land. I didn’t feel well at all during the days here – I think
my pregnancy sickness was made way worse by the lack of sleep and so much
walking, different food, etc. It made it nice that we could relax and enjoy the
beach, boardwalk, hotel, and fun city before Chase started his week of work there.
I stayed a few more days while he started working and relaxed, then flew home on
my own to pick Reagan up in Salt Lake. I was pretty sick by the time I left and threw
up lots on my flights :( but it was all worth it! I am glad to be back home now though!
View from our hotel! ^^
We woke up early the first morning and rented bikes to ride along the ocean to Jaffa.
Got room service a few times and the best hotel breakfast ^^
We were at the Renaissance Tel Aviv.
R&R for me at the hotel’s pool and spa which was so so nice and needed.
Prettiest dusk views ^^
Found the yummiest dinner our last night in the city.
This place was called HaKosem and had such delicious and authentic food. Perfect for our last night!
I loved this part of the trip because it was a chance to enjoy time
as just Chase and I in a more relaxing way than all of the touring.
We savored time walking up and down the beach, eating dinner
together, swimming, going to the spa, and just having a taste of
our travels and life before baby. We love having Reagan along,
but it’s always so good to get a dose of where it all started.


See the rest of Israel here:
Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Dead Sea, and in between.




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  1. March 23, 2018 @ 1:10 pm Anna Parker

    Loved reading this, reminded me of our visit, such a great city and oh my word the food!!


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