Reagan 20 months

20 months of this little chickadee.
This stage is unbelievable- we are surprised every day at how much
she’s learning and how amazing she is! She picks up on everything
and learns more every day. This month we took our first big trip away
from her, and left her with my mom in Salt Lake while we went to Israel
for a week. It was so hard to leave her, but she did amazing (despite a crazy
allergic reaction :( ) and it made me appreciate and love her even more when
we were reunited. I love that she understands so much now, and can be
reasoned with. I am in awe of this little cutie and love seeing her take on the world!
From rain in the Bay to learning about snow in Utah this month! ^^
My bestie and I…cuddled up on a snowy day in Utah when I picked her up after the trip!
She wouldn’t stop cuddling me or be more than 2 feet from me for days after I got back ha.
When the phone camera comes out I get the best faces from her ^^
The most festive we got on St. Patrick’s Day, since we just flew back home that morning ^^
Reunited with Dad after weeks apart!
Acai lover on a date with dada ^^
Cute flight buddy ^^
Picking out a new dress, and holding hands with Indi girl at church. Cute little lady!
So fun to take this girl anywhere – her little gym class, children’s museums,
the zoo…everything is so much more fun now that she’s running around so interested!
Cutest scooter rider, and has to put barbies on the front to ride :)
Loved getting so many pictures from my mom when Reagan was there staying with her!
She sent us so many pictures every day of everything they were doing – which we loved!
Best little bike buddy ^^
More sickies and a bad double ear infection this month … then a bad
reaction to the antibiotic when in Utah, but now all better!
All of that included lots of doctor visits and even an urgent care Friday night visit. Trooper!
Ways to stay entertained while cooped up sick on rainy days!
Went to DISNEY ON ICE this month which was a highlight for us all!!!
So fun to have this little date with friends ^^
Riding the horsie and kissing the mirror at the children’s museum!
More museum fun. Can’t get enough!
Always happy when eating, from planes to cars to anywhere! :)
Ball pit is a favorite every time ^^
So much love for friends and cousins. Fun to see these little relationships form.
Can always catch this one eating! The good thing is she will eat anything,
including salmon – kale – veggies – and of course loves treats like her mama :)
Kisses with dada in the snow on our winter trip to SLC!
Little scrunchy smiler on some very delayed flights this month.
She’s getting so much better on flights!
Always drawing ^^ favorite activity right now!
Still such a good sleeper – even when she went to Utah this month to
stay with my parents. She goes to nap and bedtime easily and sleeps for 12
hours at night and 1-2.5 napping. Still uses her binky but we’ll work on that soon :)

We love our little R! 20 months down and only getting better.



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