Floating in the Dead Sea

What an experience to bathe in the Dead Sea.
It’s such a unique place being so far below sea level, and so salty!
It’s almost ten times saltier than the ocean, and you can feel it. I didn’t
think I’d truly be able to float in it, but was surprised that you do! There
were small little waves coming in and we’d just float right up and over them.
After some floating we had to lather up for a mineral mud bath which was also
quite the experience. We’ll never forget this day and glad we made the stop here!
We got a perfect time of day! Not too hot, but warm enough to get in.
Covered in mud! ^^
I also loved the tips for safe Dead Sea bathing. They are not joking around!
I read this sign so I was super careful to not get any in my mouth or eyes.
Chase, on the other hand, was having too much fun and definitely swallowed
some water // got some in his eye. He was freaking out and had to have the
lifeguard guy help him wash out with fresh water. Haha classic. Don’t doubt the salt!
True mudders hah ^^
Washing all that mud off was harder than I thought haha ^^
Onto Jerusalem!



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