February 2018 Recap!

I’m more than a week late, but I’m glad to have a little recap of February to look back on
because it was a whirlwind like every other month! I love to have the little moments
captured, because they are what make up life! We’re in Israel now on an incredible
trip, but thanks to a long bus ride I had time to organize my photos and catch up a bit:
Here’s our fun February filled with pink, hearts, love, a girls trip to Scottsdale, a visit
from my mom, a family trip home to the snow, and lots of sweet time together in between.
Love the month of love!! We had an extra excuse to wear pink this month :)
Love her little faces she pulls ^^
Lots of Valentines and treats all month long ^^
Sewing night with friends making a heart quilt for our Sarah girl in memory of her sweet Dad ♥
All the pieces of the quilt! Luckily we did it together or I would have been clueless!
Finally found a good solution to organize all of baby’s bows! And, some pink in the kitchen for Feb ^^
We did the COLOR FACTORY this month! Loved it.
Perfect pink spots all over to kick off February :)
Our visit home to Utah for the long weekend brought lots + lots of snow!
Our Bear Lake plans were canceled, so we happily hung out in Salt Lake with family.
Children’s Museum fun in Salt Lake! ^^
Little cutie wanted pictures in her headband :)
We had a rough patch of sickness this month that resulted in an Urgent Care visit for little R.
She’s doing better now but had a bad allergic reaction to her medicine after getting it, so it was
a hard week right before leaving town! Thankful for sweet friends who brightened up our house ^^
Some rain in the Bay gave us an excuse for our raincoats! ^^
Scooter rides continue, faster and faster! Now that she has the hang of it she needs her helmet!
We were all over free froyo day this month! First in line and loved our little date with Tam ^^
New soft rugs and blankies at our house! ^^
Sunday bike rides after church are everyone’s favorite ^^
My kinda girl :) Eating up the cherry crisp topping we made together!
Prepping for our big trip, and packing my new face oil cleanser which I’ve been L O VI N G ^^
Family pics after church on Sunday. Little girl was so tired after 3 hours!
Chicken pot pie + game nights with friends ^^
Disney on Ice was such a highlight this month!!! We went with some friends and I
couldn’t believe how much Reagan loved it. Dancing and clapping the entire 2 hours!
Kissing Mickey, and walking in with cute friends! ^^
Came home from our trip to the cutest little treats and gifts from our bestie Sarah
who also checked all of our mail and did so many favors for us. The we did a big
Costco restock before leaving town 10 days later again – ah!
^^ My cute kitchen helper
My little sweethearts ^^
Long airport delays thanks to snow in Salt Lake, but this one stayed smiling
(it helped that we had Cafe Rio when we were stuck on the tarmac for 3 hours too)
When we landed back at SJC we found this little play setup and had to hang out for a little!
Things to love about the Bay ^^ orange trees in the winter, and a yoga room at the airport…haha only in SF!
Galentines ice cream night with these friends I love ^^
Still craving all the Utah food we had during our week there! I MISS THE DODO!!!
Cute Valentines parties and play dates all month!
So many besties are having babies soon!! Lots of fun baby gift shopping ^^
Fun play dates with cutest friends ^^
We had some extra warm weather which gave us the excuse to try out R’s new
flip flops I brought her home from my Scottsdale trip :) Can’t handle the chubby-toed cuteness!
We had to get creative with some rainy sick days inside this month ^^
Girls trip fun, and loved looking in on the baby monitor and seeing these
two having their cute daddy-daughter weekend. Best Dada! ^^
Chase took her to this cute spot we love when I was on my girls trip ^^
We joined a little indoor kid’s gym in Palo Alto with friends and Rea has loved it!
It has saved us on the rainy days and she loves the classes.
My Valentines! ^^
Lazy month with lots of dinners out, orders in, and easy things like Model Meals to keep it healthy! ^^
We loved every second of Yaya’s fun visit!
Cutest red bench in the city, perfect for Valentines week ^^
City views from Treasure Island with Sar! (Long story how we ended up here but glad we did :)
Pretty days in SF before the rain started up again ^^
We had play group at our house and it was so fun! I had to get creative to have 4 littles
in our tiny space, so we had bubble wrap, coloring, play sand, and lots of games :)
Chase was in NYC for a week, and luckily my mom came to visit for part of it so we had company!
Sweet happy girl ^^
Super Bowl party at the Hogans with so much good food and even better company.
^^ Please notice Keri who is the cutest person ever with kids and Reagan loves her!
We made a bunch of different homemade pizzas for the game,
BBQ chicken and pepperoni and a few others! ^^
Keri brought all the new DC flavors – I don’t even drink DC but had to try these! Cherry was my fave :)
And girl scout cookie is season is the best //worst haha #sugarrush
Ice cream dates + breakfast dates ^^
Also bakery dates in Los Gatos at our favorite Icing on the Cake.
Hike and brunch date with the Yoders! Always the best time.
Uncle Dusty took over the backpack from Chase halfway!
So many treats treats treats all month! At least these ones are a little healthier ^^
Our favorite Facetime pals Lydi & Tagg ^^ CUTEST faces!
Signs of Spring! Now it’s raining again, but I know it’s just around the corner.



Love you always, February!


'February 2018 Recap!' has 3 comments

  1. March 11, 2018 @ 10:39 am Anna

    Darling pics. Love you


  2. March 15, 2018 @ 11:44 am Jen

    I always look forward to your monthly recaps. Your family is the sweetest and I admire your zest for life, as well as documenting the little moments!


    • emi

      March 20, 2018 @ 5:00 pm emi

      this is so so sweet of you ♥ !!


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