The COLOR Factory!!!

The COLOR Factory!!!

After a long wait and tickets being sold out over & over again, we finally scored
Color Factory tickets when they extended the dates again! It was fun to go after
wanting to for so long, and we got to visit with some friends which made it better!
Waiting in line and matching with it too! ^^
Scratch & sniff cutest wall with spot-on scents! ^^
Disappearing in the sea of yellow! ^^
Ice cream in the yellow room! ^^
Perfect room for this little yellow-loving sunshine girl ^^
This was the best and funniest thing to swim through the giant ball pit, and Reagan
kept on disappearing into them and crying to be rescued, then asking to go back in..ha!
Drawing on the wall with a huge marker..basically Reagan’s dream in life!
I’ll always follow those instructions! ^^
Macaron room!
Blue balloon room!
The disco room was a favorite for this dancing queen haha! ^^
Confetti room ! ! ! ! ! !
Still flailing! ^^
Loved our fun, colorful, happy and creative day at the Color Factory!



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