Scottsdale Girls Trip at the Phoenician!

Scottsdale might be the perfect spot for a girls trip.
Pink desert sky, palm trees, warm winters, best food + shopping + resorts..
I hadn’t been back in years, but have always loved this fun desert town!
A few of our closest friends from the Bay moved away in the last year, so we
planned a girls trip to all reunite all in one place! It was the first time I’d left Reagan
for more than a night and actually flown somewhere without her (by the way, how relaxing
is a flight without a little one ?! I enjoyed the entire experience haha). She stayed with
Chase and had the best weekend with her dad, and it was amazing for me to get away
and have a break! I missed them but couldn’t believe how necessary and good for the soul
it is to just relax and be with girlfriends. There’s nothing like it! And, even better when the
place you stay is so nice that you barely need to leave it! Everything was so simple with everything
nright nearby, and our agenda just sleep – sun – pool – gym – eat- repeat. We had the best time
getting away to Scottsdale and staying at The Phoenician. Here is a rundown of our fun weekend!
The view from our room ^^ So dreamy!
We didn’t stay in the main hotel, but down in a
Casita Suite which was perfect for our group.
Breakfast at Mowry & Cotton, right at the hotel. ^^
We had a long list of places to eat in Scottsdale, but
one of our favorites was starting off just right where we were!
Between avocado toast, acai bowls, brioche doughnuts,
butternut oats, huevos rancheros, ricotta stuffed french toast,
we had the yummiest & best start to the day before hitting the pool.
We couldn’t wait to get down to that pool! ^^
Our fun room! ^^
^^ Pretty run to start the day before the heat set in
And some gym time with our master Syd! ^^
and bike rides that you can take and cruise on! ^^
Biking babes to…
Slide-goers! ^^ You’d think we were 9 years old how much we loved this haha!
Poolside lunch is hard to beat ^^
The days went way too fast, but at least when night came it was so gorgeous ^^
A little slice of heaven ^^
We had the best meals out. I’ll have to post our restaurant list of some
favorites from this trip and past ones…there really is some amazing food here!
And the best part about a girls trip is everyone wants to share, so we would order
tons of appetizers and mains, and share them all! This was The Henry which we loved ^^
We not only shared the meal, but the best dessert too :) Spoons in! ^^
Cute Old Town Scottsdale, all lit up in twinkly lights ^^
More amazing dinners including Bandera! (Despite our long long wait :)
We got to give our Sarah girl a quilt we’d all made together in memory of her sweet dad
who she lost recently. Loved seeing her cuddled up with it the rest of the trip! ♥
We all took so many pictures of each other sleeping, ha– something we don’t get to do enough at home!
Walking around in our matching jammies made everyone stare at us haha ^^
Sunset photoshoot on our balcony..I think Steph won :) ^^
We had a few stops at Shake Shack, can you blame us?
Rachel in her complete element ^^
And a girls trip to Scottsdale isn’t complete with a stop at Last Chance Nordstrom of course ^^
This place stresses me out !!! I could barely last 10 minutes but did find some tiny
flip flops for my little Reagan. Everyone else found way better stuff but I can’t handle the chaos!Late night chats and candy stashes, with some cat naps in between :) ^^
We were so sad to be checking out of this place instead of checking in on the last day :(
Love these girls and every second of our trip together!
Girls trips are good for the soul ♥

'Scottsdale Girls Trip at the Phoenician!' has 4 comments

  1. February 24, 2018 @ 4:03 pm Sara

    Wow looks like a total dream! My husband and I are planning an anni trip and this just made the top of the list.


  2. February 24, 2018 @ 4:04 pm Lisa

    Oh the Phoenician is a favorite! So lovely. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to seeing the food lists.


  3. February 26, 2018 @ 8:48 am Anna

    Looks heavenly in every way! I love the flip flops for little R :)


  4. February 26, 2018 @ 4:21 pm sarah

    best best trip!! take me back!!!


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