Reagan 19 months

Best month with little Rea (after the hard month full of sickness and stress last month!!)
She is definitely not a baby anymore, and such a little person. Her vocab has exploded the
past few weeks and she says multiple new words to me every day that make us laugh so hard.
She’ll be carrying something and say, “this is heavy!” or look in my purse and say “your wallet!”
..things I haven’t taught her, but she’s obviously picked up on. She is so excited about life every
day which makes us excited about life :) She loves every song or new thing she can learn. Loves
to stop on the street and say hi to strangers, pet dogs, point out items and say what they are called,
FaceTime with friends and family, have play dates with her friends, EAT, scooter, and so much more.
This little girl is 19 months going on 19 years it feels like — and we’re just hanging onto every sweet moment!


F A V O R I T E S at 19 months:

♥ You can say the full ABC’s all by yourself, and count 1-10. Is this normal?! We haven’t even tried to teach you that hard – you’re just the quickest learner!

♥ You have a full array of songs that you love and know all the words/actions to. You love to sing songs with us and anyone. Favorites include Old McDonald, BINGO, ABCs, Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, PattyCake, Tap Tap, and seriously about 20 more that you know all the words + actions to.

♥ Your hair is getting longer and thicker by the second, and you love having bows in or getting it done…too bad I’m not very good at it, sorry! :)

♥ You love your little friends and play dates and park dates. When we meet friends somewhere and you see them you get so excited and have to wave and give them hugs!

♥ The other day I asked you “What is Dad’s name?” (not thinking you’d know) and you said umm, CHASE! Haha then I asked “What’s Mom’s name?” another pause, and “EMI!” hahaha so funny that you somehow knew those!

♥ Something about you changed this month where it has become even more fun to take you to kid’s things. Ex: the zoo used to be kind of fun but you didn’t really get it when you were little, and now you LOVE it running from animal to animal saying the names, making the sounds, etc. Same with Disney on Ice this month, and so many other things. We’re finally at the age where you can understand and appreciate things like this more which is so fun.

♥ We got you a scooter this month and you are so cute on it…and also good at it!

♥ You love putting on your own shoes, buckling your car seat, holding car keys and pushing unlock, and doing anything else independent…even down to choosing the bow for your hair.

♥ You also love “chappy” (chapstick or lipstick) and you went into my purse so many times that I finally bought you some fake lipstick that you love. You put it in your barbies, yourself, and anyone around you (good thing it’s fake ha!)

♥ You want to take your own bag everywhere we go since I usually have my bag. When we’re leaving you always say “Wait- bag!” and run to find your little backpack to take out the door on our outing :)

♥ You had a weekend just with dad this month when mom went on a girls trip with friends. You loved it and did so well, except when I would FaceTime you…you’d suddenly realize I was gone and get so sad! So we steered clear of that!

♥ You still love to FaceTime and Marco Polo family and friends. You know everyone’s names and ask for certain people all the time.

♥ I know I keep saying this, but you really are amazing with the way you talk. I kind of knew it, but everyone we run into comments on what an early and amazing talker you are! You enunciate words so well for your age and say sentences. It’s so cute and crazy!

♥ You are my little best friend and dad’s too. You make us smile and laugh every second and we can’t believe the joy you bring to our lives. I love having little conversations with you and hearing you answer my questions and think about them. I can’t imagine when you can talk even more and we have full on conversations! You are the best best best!

Besties ^^
City babe! ^^
Love this sweet face anywhere we go! ^^
Your mini buns were killin me! ^^
Park playdates with Kate and friends!
And, nursery time at church! You started to like it but if we leave town or miss a week
you get scared + clingy and have to get used to it all over again..haha we’ll get there!
Little explorer, excited about everywhere we go!
Fun at the museum with dad while mom was out of town!
Two things you are constantly doing: waving, and smelling flowers that you see!
Cutest little FaceTimer (minus my morning wake up face ;)
We love when our friend Allie comes over — and puts her glasses on Rea haha! ^^
Proof of how grown up she is…she now walks part of the Dish with us instead of stroller!
Chase put this in her hair and she would. not. take. it. out. ALL. night! Haha
^^ Her face when I catch her in my room going through my bag..ha acting casual!
Little lady out and about! ^^
Exploring the cute Color Factory!
My little pal, and her cute little pals ^^
I love watching this chick snooze on the monitor, especially when she falls asleep reading herself books!
Tiny cute zoo-goer ^^
So much fun with Yaya this month during her visit to the Bay!
Happy girl on any playground!
Cute city babe
All of our adventures tire you out! ^^
You love coloring, so being allowed to on the wall was your dream! :)
The yellow ball pit at the Color Factory was the best and funniest with you!!
You loved it and kept jumping in, but would disappear and cry and then want to jump back in haha.
Love my yellow sunshine girl!
Little ice cream cone all to yourself!
So fitting that you loved the disco room at CF, since you are the best dancer ^^
Happy girl running through the ribbons!
It is hilarious to us how you eat things right down to the core..literally!
My little baking helper before taking a long nap :) ^^
You LOVE your shoes, from these sandals to my running shoes!
We love the banana cake at Icing in Los Gatos!!
Scooter queen! ^^
That smile ^^
Play date fun at our place with Rea’s little pals!
We tried out a little gym class with some friends and liked it! Can’t wait to go back!
Love being out and about with you, from morning jammie walks to scooter strolls!
Making me laugh every second .. from putting on my sunglasses, to her selections at
Target: shoes, a little purse, and Oreo Thins…hahaha can’t make this stuff up!
Loves her coloring, and how cute are these Little Biscuits notepads?!
Mealtime is always met with enthusiasm by this one ^^
Happiest & funniest girl ^^ We found these headbands packed away and she could not
stop laughing when I put it on her head! She wanted a million pictures to send Dada.
HAha and again! She got the biggest kick out of these!
Baby flip flops + acai bowl madness ^^
Trampoline fun with our cutest friend Katherine ^^
Airport pro! ^^ (Still has her moments, but is easier now than before to travel with!)
Facetime with Lydi & Tagg, her cousin besties! Look at all 3 of those happy faces :)
Had to screenshot this moment of Rea waking up from a nap and getting a book to read herself.
Love you, little sweet cheeks. Thanks for being ours!!!




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  1. March 7, 2018 @ 8:50 pm Courtney {Alkeks Abroad}

    She is too cute! I can’t believe how much she can say, I was so impressed with her ABCs you posted on Insta. Such a clever girl. I would love for her and Leighton to play together, they are so similar. Girly girls that love their accessories!


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