January 2018 Recap

January 2018 Recap

January crept by for me, but now that it’s February of course it seemed fast!
It was a month filled with sickness at our house, and long days.
Chase started a new role at work (and some night classes) so
he has been working a lot later at night that we’re used to,
and all of it combined made for a slow-moving first few
weeks of the year with rain, sickness, and long days
waiting for bedtime :) Luckily by the end of the month
my mom came in to visit and perk us all up, we all were
starting to feel better, and the sunshine came out as though
it’s springtime! January really can get a bad rap and sometimes
I remember why, but it also is a good month to slow down since
it already goes so slow, and get things done that you won’t the rest
of the year because I feel like every other month flies! We did have
fun in Jan even though I was so excited to see February 1st arrive.

Here are some highlights!
Basket of sunshine for our Sarah girl ♥ ^^
Lots of city visits this month, daytime and night!
Beautiful bike rides once the weather started to turn nice! ^^
MLK at the pretty beach for some fresh air ^^
Fam breakfast dates ^^
Pink playground pals! ^^
Things to brighten up the month ^^
Another little thing that brightened up the month ^^
We go through bananas so fast in our house these days since Rea is a monkey
and LOVES them, but I got excited when 2 ripened a little more so I could make bread ^^
Two of my fave breakfasts to make at home ^^
My little shadow, literally!
Temple day with our ward friends babysitting ^^ Rea was so happy with her little pals!
Taco night at our cute friends the Heatons, who are the sweetest with all kids!
Reagan cozied right up with Keri and colored all night ^^Fun Chinese cooking class in SF this month with Ling Ling,
and trying my hand at it at home the next week ^^
Chase went to Boston for a quick business trip and got to meet our friend the Knight’s new baby!
And meanwhile Sarah and I were doing some city exploring of our own (long story leading to this pic ;)
Also with Sar ^^ trying the famed El Farolito in the Mission for their yummiest super burritos. Still full!
Our girls food night this month was all appetizers and so fun! ^^
Best visit from my mama to end the month ^^ I’ll have to do a full post with our zillions of fun pictures!
Love this little chickadee and matching her for life ^^
Little piggy buns, and one of the hundreds of photos I find on my phone
that Reagan has taken…usually of me, being lazy haha!
I came home and Chase had done her hair and she loved it so much and had to keep it in all night ^^
She’s getting so old that now she walks part of the Dish with us!
Back on the Dish!
Feeling like spring already with all the flowers in bloom!
Made so many protein poppers and I promise to post by favorite recipes for them ASAP! Just in drafts!
Pizza nights out and churros con chocolat served at our Jan
book club since the book took place in Spain…too perfect!
We were craving tuna melts one Sunday afternoon and they lived up to our craving!
I had a late night downtown meeting in SF and felt like I had the place to myself!
Never will get old to me ^^
Baby showers and breakfast bowls! ^^
Flashback to Reagan’s at home doctor’s visit where we found out she had pneumonia..poor thing!
Our sweet friend Lindsay dropped off treats for us since we were stuck recovering!
Chase’s dad came to town for work so we got to see him for breakfast! ^^
We were sad to miss the most unique wedding from my cute next door neighbor growing up…
after getting sealed in the temple they celebrated their wedding on the ski slopes and gave
everyone a free ski pass in the invite! Then they met at 4 to ski down to the lodge with everyone.
At least my parents could go to give us a taste of it, but we were sad we had just left Utah!
We came back in town after 3 weeks in Utah for the holidays and it felt so good.
We had so many more Christmas cards to open since we had left mid-December,
so it kept the holidays going for a few weeks longer.
Cute little traveler coming back to the Bay! I loved looking back in our Uber
and seeing her quietly reading her book to herself…growing up!
R started nursery this month…or tried! She was a little nervous but thanks
to her cute pals (and Chase for staying with her for a while) she now loves it!
Also thanks to the cutest nursery leaders at church!!!
It’s been SO beautiful in the city lately!
One of the best views…from Angel Island…which Sarah and I ended up on when
we were chatting and she made a wrong turn onto the Bay Bridge. Haha!
Could be worse!
Highlight of the month was Yaya’s visit!
Also highlight was seeing Reagan fall asleep face down on the floor while reading herself books. :)
Love this little crew and glad to capture the month we had!


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  • Hi Emi!

    Reagan is getting so big! Love the frames of her falling asleep while reading! Too funny :)
    Sorry to hear she got pneumonia, poor girl. Hope she’s feeling much better now!!
    Love the basket of sunshine, and very much looking forward to the protein poppers recipe!

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