Daily Archives: February 1, 2018


18 month baby faves

Our little Reagan girl is at such a fun age .. I feel like 18 months has really changed her into a toddler from a baby, and she is interested in everything around her. It made me think I should share a few recent favorite items at this stage! I’d love to hear others from…


The downsides of budget flights

We live in a lucky time, where budget airlines have made it possible to fly for a lot less than ever before. I love finding a good deal on airfare as much as anyone, and think it’s great that the world is so much more accessible to our generation. BUT — while we could sing…


Oakland Temple Outing

Whenever we are heading up to Oakland I feel like I need to make multiple plans in the East Bay since we are making the drive. We’re there the most to visit our church’s temple since it’s the closest one (and such a beautiful one) and so we usually plan a fun meal or adventure…

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