Ling Ling Asian Cooking Class!

Ling Ling Asian Cooking Class!

*This post was sponsored by Ling Ling, all opinions expressed are my own.

This week we got to celebrate Chinese New Year early with Chef Katie Chin
at an Asian food cooking class in San Francisco! It was put on by Ling Ling,
the well-known potsticker makers who now offer more yummy Asian food
from frozen! We learned how to make some delicious dishes to go on the side
of the Ling Ling dishes, and it was all so delicious! I love a good cooking class —
always fun to learn and prep a new kind of food, and then of course to EAT!

We made the tastiest Asian Marinated Veggie Skewers, and a Cucumber Edamame Salad with Ginger
Soy Vinaigrette. These fresh flavorful dishes were to pair with the Ling Ling potstickers, noodle and rice dishes.

All of the ingredients we used were sourced from a local asian grocery store!
The different parts of the marinade all measured + laid out for us ^^
I wish my kitchen had this perk! :)
One of my favorite things I learned during this part was that you
can peel ginger with a spoon -easier and no risk of being cut!
Veggie skewers hot off the grill ^^ So so delicious
And these potstickers that make Ling Ling famous. To die for! FEASTING!
Cute chef Katie Chin serving up the dishes ^^
Our group! ^^
Parties That Cook is a fun event space for cooking classes/ events! ^^
We learned a few cute Chinese New Year crafts to do with kiddos…
a cherry blossom painting using the bottom of a big soda bottle,
and these cute easy lanterns made with just 2 pieces of paper.
Always worth a city trip!

To see where to buy Ling Ling near you, click here!
In California their products are at Safeway & some Costcos.

Thanks so much to Ling Ling for the invite. I loved learning some
new kitchen skills and especially realizing how delish their food is.
Now I’m craving Chinese again for the weekend! My favorites of their
frozen food selection were: Chicken Yakisoba noodles, potstickers, and
Yakitori chicken fried rice. It was fun to try everything they offer in their line!


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