Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Living away makes it pretty special to get to truly come home for the holidays…
especially to somewhere snowy and Christmasy and so magical! Maybe one day
with older + more kids we’ll eventually stay home for Christmas and find dream holidays for later life,
but for now I
can’t imagine the holidays being more magical than being able to go home and
be with our entire families. It is definitely a little crazy and tiring and jam-packed
and stressful, but isn’t that sort of how the holidays with family are supposed to be? ;)

Here is our visit, before and after Christmas Eve & Christmas (linked!)
The best sight to see, my parents house during the holidays. ^^
This year it was even more special because my parents are back
for the first time in 3 years! They spent the last 3 Christmases in
South Africa on their mission, so we loved having them back!
If they hadn’t come this year too, then we might have had to send them their Christmas cards and presents through a tnt courier partner or something similar.
But now, all felt right in the world … and their home has never been cozier.
Downtown light date night! ^^
My little bestie! ^^
^^ With her cute Mimi & Papa! (Starting to get just a little bit cold :)
cccGetting warmer riding the elevator inside City Creek! ^^
Downtown Scavenger Hunt with the Dunn fam reunited!
Nothing like cousin time ^^
Train ride with cousins!
Grand America windows ^^
Our important tradition of making homemade clothespin ornaments with Chase’s mom!
Following her amazing tradition, we make one each year to represent the year!
This year Chase chose and made a cyclist since this was the year we got into road biking! ^^
For last year’s 2016 ornament I made a little baby Reagan :)
I can’t wait for our tree full of memories with these one day.
Ring around the rosies with cousins & grandparents was a favorite for Rea all during our visit!
Christmas stories with Papa + Yaya and cousins!
Fat biking with my Dad in Millcreek was probably Chase’s favorite part of the holiday break ^^
Meanwhile, spike hikes with my mama! ^^
So many magical scenes surrounding Christmas with the littles! ^^
Cute Rigby cousins (taken a few months ago in their jammies) for the Christmas card!
^^ Love when my dad tends little Rea :)
It’s so fun when we come in town to not only see family, but our friends!
Nothing better than friends from home. Fun night with the Ferrins ^^
Sledding days at Mountain Dell!
Baby was not so sure about the cold :) but she did have fun!
Matching cousins on New Year’s!
A few Citris Grill nights as always! ^^
So much cousin fun at Papa & Yaya’s between their new roller coaster + tramp! ^^
Fun get-together with Chase’s friends and their wives/kids!
Some of our favorite couples & friends!
Worst lighting but greatest guys!
Chase helping my mom take down Christmas. ^^
He may be in the running for son-in-law of the year!
This little miss had a very full social agenda in Utah!
Two MAJOR highlights of the trip – seeing The Greatest Showman (AMAZING!)
and Dodo takeout. Still so good every single time. Craving it now!
Lots and lots of Neff’s Canyon hikes basically daily ^^
Utah bowl game watching party with the Dunn fam and homemade pizza on the grill! ^^
So much yummy food all visit long, from packaged pears to puff pancakes ^^
Lots of snowy walks up and down the road!
We were doing anything to try to get her to nap when she was so off schedule,
including giving her back the binkie for mid-day stroller rides.
First time bowling for baby! With the Rigby family! ^^
Pizza at the bowling alley with cousins :) Workouts with Dada! Chase rode his dad’s indoor bike while
staying there, and Reagan wanted to join the fun! ^^
Long winters naps for this girl who needed them desperately!
My parent’s cozy house, and a gift they were sent by someone from Harrods.
It was a huge gift hamper from Harrods food hall and the biggest dream ever!!

With my cute grandma at her Poulson family Christmas party! Loved seeing
all the cousins and especially these cute newlyweds Trav & Lill ^^
My dad being the hit of the Poulson Christmas party with his Kermit talent and white elephant fanny pack ^^
Always the same rosemary pork tenderloin and homemade rolls at the Poulson party!
I hosted a fun Chi Omega reunion since it’s been 5 years since my pledge class
graduated! We had about 40 girls and so much catching up. We forgot
to take a picture all together but glad I got a few!
Fun dinner date night out with the siblings on the Rigby side. We all got sitters and went to
From Scratch and decided to have that be our gift to each other this year since we never get that!
We also had such a fun dinner with Chase’s parents joining at Sicilia Mia at the end of the break.
I went to visit one of my besties Ash who was due with twin baby girls any day!
She ended up having them right after Christmas while we were still in town which made
me so happy. They are perfect, just like their darling nursery full of TWIN sets of clothes! Lone Star yummy lunch ^^
Fowler favorites! ^^
Playdates with Rigby girl cousins! ^^
Always love love our nights with the Woods! ^^.Just an idea of the many parties we had while home! Always a fun time,
and even better when we had convenient built-in babysitters staying at our parents.
The best part of our last day was that our new baby niece was born the night before!
So we got to run to the hospital and meet little Sarah Jane. So sweet!
Nothing like a brand new little life. Congrats Drew & Rach!
Fitting in last rides on the coaster!
And leave it to my dad to take it up a notch haha! ^^
So special to celebrate Christmas and the holidays as our little fam in this place we love!


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