Reagan 17 months

I know I say this a lot, but there really have been a lot of changes this month suddenly!
Little Rea has completely become a toddler in our eyes the past weeks. I think our long trip
to Hawaii with cousins made her grow up a lot being with the older kids! She has added
so many new words and skills to her repertoire, and even changed to a toddler bed from
her crib this month. That happened waaaay sooner than I was expecting but she made it clear!
We leave today to go home for the holidays with family, and can’t wait to see her soak in
the magic of Christmas at this fun stage. We love this little girl more than we can say!


Favorites from this month:

♥ You light up a room when you enter it. Everyone sees your blonde hair, little smile, waves, dancing, “hi!”s, and happiness. No one can resist smiling when they see you!

♥ You are starting to speak in tiny sentences! Things like “I want mama,” “Where is dada?”  etc!

♥ You also have lots of new words, including the lyrics to a lot of your favorite songs. You love saying “E-I-E-I-O” from Old McDonald, “Ashes” from Ring around the Rosie, “again” when a song ends, still PLEASE, okay, thank you, bye bye, NO (a lot more often ;), okay, happy, all the animals, all the colors, ABCD, 123, and more.

♥ You are happy when we’re out and about. You love seeing people and exploring places, no matter where we are! You love everything from walks to the playground to grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s (you know exactly where the sample stand is and you run to it with your little mini cart)

♥ You love water and had no fear in the ocean or at the beach. You love to splash and play!

♥ You slept in the bed with us a lot this month because of all the traveling – we had to let it go. We love your cuddles, but dad and I don’t sleep very well when you’re flopping around sideways in the bed hehe…so we have been working hard to get you back in your bed which you have done pretty well now!

♥ One of your new favorite activities is coloring! After seeing your cousins Lydi and Tagg doing it in Hawaii, you were obsessed. We got you all your own crayons/ colored pencils and notebooks and you’ve spent lots of time coloring them in at home!

♥ Since you are so curious now, you’ve had a few more tumbles and head bumps this month. Luckily you are tough and brave and hardly ever cry when you get hurt…but if you do, we know it’s bad!

♥ You still love all food and have eaten everything from sushi to Hawaiian poi to pitaya to plate lunch and beyond this month. Keep that palate up, girl!

♥ You love all your family and friends and have started to really know who everyone is in your life. You love to have playdates and Facetime with those that live away. You like to say the names of everyone you know all in a row which is so cute!

My little angel ^^
Stops to smell the flowers always ♥ ^^
New big girl bed!
Just a little bit happy in the ocean!
Bath time baby ^^
Play dates with cute friends ^^
Always waiting for me with a kissy face! ^^
I’m truly obsessed with this chick! ^^ Sweetest girl ^^
Living her best life :)
Beach babe. She was so at home and happy in Hawaii!
Best Thanksgiving with this cutie!
Happy about her meal — exactly how I feel about Thanksgiving food! ^^
Little pilgrim craft before dinner ^^
Hair done by Aunt Mindy and it has never looked cuter ^^
Best little restaurant eater ^^ Ate almost the whole bowl of guacamole for her dinner! ^^
Sushi first-timer ^^ Loved it of course! (We only gave her a California roll so it wasn’t raw)
Making new friends wherever she goes ^^
I love taking her to places I love! ^^
Rollin’ with her homies — Uncle Tom and Dada ^^
And with her Papa ^^
Very important business to take care of in the airport lounge on a layover ;) ^^
Selfies with mama & dada
Obsessed with her Papa Bear!
Besties with cousin Lydi…truly OBSESSED!
Dancing on the beach in shades ^^
“Happy face” continued ^^ Little darling explorer ^^ Curious about everything!
Sandy golden sunset girl ^^
My future tennis player!
Always wanting what the bigger kids have ^^
First ice cream cone and clearly LOVED it ^^ Purple sweet potato flavor in Hawaii!
Hawaii tired her out being in the sun playing with cousins all day — so she napped well!
This sums up Reagan at this stage ^^ running around happy & giggling everywhere!
Beach babe ^^
This girl loves her cousins and is so happy around them…until saying goodbye! :( Reagan’s cute older friend Allie from church who is so darling to her! She came over to be a mother’s
helper since she’s not quite old enough to babysit yet and she was exactly that! Also ^^ luxurious bath!
Napping like a teenager, and always walking so independently ^^
Again ^^ has to carry any bag or keys or item
She decides to sit quietly at church right when it ends :) During
the actual service she’s out in the hall playing with buddies!
Christmas shopping for this little peanut is dangerous! Way too tempting! ^^
Luckily it looks like she maaay be on the naughty list..haha so maybe we don’t have to worry about presents ;)
JK but she is clearly not loving Santa this year!
At least she has been in the Christmas spirit trimming the tree with her antlers on!
Favorite playground with this girl who looks so old now!!
^^ Chase took her on a little date and sent me this pic..ha uh oh!
And every day she has been walking over to our Christmas cards as
we add them to the wall and looking at everyone for like 10 minutes. Too cute!
Visit from Papa this month was a highlight for this girl ^^
How she fell asleep for a few days when she had a little cold…
then would wake up and put on her shades and dance!
Expert airplane traveler .. and casually walking through
the airport after a red eye flight combing her hair. haha!
Always holding my hand ♥
Truly growing up too fast ^^
Truly our little bestie ^^
So glad we take these photos weekly since she changes so fast! ^^
Love you, Rea bay!



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