November 2017

November 2017

[lead]null[/lead]November! Such a special month full of gratitude, food, family,
and the true kickoff to the holidays/winding down of the year.

This month we did a lot! Chase and I had a fun city date day/night
biking the bridge and seeing a show, Rea and I tried out Bumble’s playroom,
we did the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum on a rainy day and explored
charming San Carlos for the first time! We had the best Friendsgiving ever, then
left town for 2 weeks in Hawaii with family over Thanksgiving. I still have so(ooo)
many photos to share from that, but for now here’s a recap of the in between.
The best mid-week day date ever!
Followed by the best date night! It was fun to get away for a day together and
we always like to celebrate our November engagement anniversary in San Francisco,
since we got engaged in this city under the Golden Gate Bridge.
F R I E N D S G I V I N G perfection.
Heaven on a plate!
I made pumpkin trifle and my favorite stuffing for it ^^
Love these friends ^^
This sassy girl loved the cute kids table.
Friendsgiving desserts ^^ Trifle and pies!
^^ Love seeing her with little friends
A pretty good sight to see ^^
My beach baby ! ^^
Hawaiian Thanksgiving ^^
Lots of fun cycling in Hawaii, but always nice to fly back into SF! ^^
Brunch back in the Bay with besties for our Sarah girl who is the strongest person I know!
My bestie Brynn has a card company and this one was so perfect ^^
Sweet little lunch buddies ^^
I tested out some quinoa brittle for potential neighbor gifts…pretty good,
but didn’t pass the bar for this year’s neighbor holiday gifts yet.
This white bean salsa verde chicken soup was a favorite from the month
As was my first attempt at homemade SOURDOUGH bread to go with it!
I did this easier version without a starter which was nice.
Double date night with my brother & sis-in-law to see Wonder,
which is the best movie of the year. It is also extra meaningful for
us since our nephew Zachie has the same syndrome as the main
character Auggie in this book. It’s the sweetest show we all loved.
I love trying all different protein popper recipes, and this one my cousin sent is soo good:
There was a fun little fall festival at Google for families + kiddos, loved this Up House!
However, she did not love the Shrek ^^ Ha!
And, all month long I’ve been helping with publicity for one of our church’s
most amazing events in the Bay at Christmas: The Palo Alto Christmas Crèche!
So my little helper delivered flyers with me :)
Cutie pie ^^
Roasted veggies with honey & grapes, and popovers for a friend!  ^^
Had to snap a photo during the rare moment that my dinner recipe was using all four
stove burners…haha always funny when that happens…and usually means it’s tasty like this was!
I kept taking advantage of being able to eat all things pumpkin all month with these
favorite crackers from Traders and the pumpkin spaghetti from above.
Exploring more Bay neighborhoods by bike ^^
This is the outskirts of San Carlos and was such a pretty neighborhood.
Brunch at Bumble and strolling the neighborhood!
It looks more like fall than winter here, but it’s cozy!
So many of my besties are pregnant right now!! I was sad to miss
the shower for my friend Ashley who is having TWIN GIRLS ♥
Tiny Ute fan on game day, with taco bowls during the game ^^
Our church had a women’s 5k / 10k in Sunnyvale one weekend this month,
and it was the only pouring rain day of the month – ha! I did the 10k in pouring
rain and was soaked by the end, but it was fun to do! Don’t mind our wet picture! ^^
Speaking of exercise, I beat Chase’s time on one of our favorite cycling climbs
(Old La Honda) so the day before Hawaii he had to go do it with our friend Al.
Ha, is it normal to be this competitive with your spouse? :)
Start of the holidays in darling downtown Los Altos! ^^
This is my view since coming home from Hawaii, since Reagan no longer
wants to nap in her crib but will happily nap on the couch next to me. Ha, great!
We came home from trips to a package from darling Hatley, with some gifts for both
baby and me — I love places that outfit mom & baby! I shared here what we got.


December, just please promise not to go too fast!



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