Flying to Hawaii

Flying to Hawaii

We have been planning a trip to Hawaii for quite some time now and the time has finally come that we get to jet off! We’ve been looking forward to this trip for what seems like forever. We have so many activities planned, it’s going to be so exciting. From snorkeling to hiking, swimming to a maui sunset cruise, it’s going to be the best trip ever.
For our flights to Hawaii we met my family in Seattle to fly all the way there on the long stretch.
It made it a party to have the little cousins all together, and it felt like we took over the plane — haha!
It was also so nice to have so many family members on the flight after my many flights alone with baby.
Between our flights there, island hopper flights, and flights home together I had a good amount of
pictures just from the travel so I had to put them in their own post…because it’s all about the journey right? ;)
Plenty of posts to come from our actual time in Hawaii – but for now, the way there, between and back!
A very early morning 4:30 AM start for our crew!
In order to fly with the rest of my family we had to link
up on layovers in Seattle. It was exhausting but worth it!
And little R was such a darling trooper.
My friend Kelsie at church showed this little felt ball / water bottle game to us and it’s AMAZING.
It entertained her and her cousins for hours, it’s not messy, they don’t roll away, etc!! It was a hit the whole trip.
REUNITED! It was so fun to be able to wait at their gate from SLC and greet them.
Reagan was so so happy to see her cousins and they all immediately held hands
and started running together! I wish this picture wasn’t blurry but she was too excited! ^^
Airport hanging before our Maui flight!
We had a few days in Maui (posts to come) and then hopped to the Big Island.
My dad met us one day into the trip and we were so happy to have him there!
The best part of the island hopper flights is the Guava juice they hand out
during the 30 minute flight. It was always my favorite as a little kiddo!
Ready for the beach right from the plane! Haha
Suitcase rides with Papa through the Maui airport :)
With all of the kids / carseats/ strollers/ boosters and luggage +
rental cars, airport landing with kids can take a while! Luckily
we had some selfies to entertain us. Here’s R’s ‘surprise face’ ha ^^
Early Seattle layover after the red-eye home!
Luckily Chase got us all into the lounge which was the best!
Cutest and saddest cousin goodbyes…but happy baby Benny kept us smiling!
One tired girl on the way home after such a fun trip ^^
Always feels so good to fly back over SF and get back to the Bay!


We’ve been catching up and getting into Christmas mode over here, so I’ll post the rest of Hawaii soon!
Here’s to happy travels, and smoother airplane rides thanks to lots of helping hands :)



3 thoughts on “Flying to Hawaii”

  • OK I am curious now, what is the felt ball/water bottle game? Hawaii is such a wonderful place, my family has been able to go to Kauai the past two summers and it is so much fun to be there with lots of people! We rented a beach house and packed about 20 people into it. There was people sleeping in hammocks outside and on air mattresses on every inch of floor, haha, but it was awesome. I can’t wait to see more photos from your trip!

    • Okay that sounds so fun with your huge group! Hawaii really is the best vacay.
      The little game is just a bunch of different size crafy /felt balls (from Michaels, JoAnns etc) and a blender bottle. I put all of them in my lap and she pushes them through the circle opening in the lid one by on. You wouldn’t think, but it entertained her and her cousins for HOURS on the flight…and they kept asking to do it the whole trip! Haha!

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