December in the Bay

December in the Bay was nothing short of a dream.
We have the best of both worlds with the warm winter weather,
city Christmas festivities in SF, and events with our friends here
before then getting to go home to a winter wonderland in Utah to
spend Christmas with family. It makes us appreciate both places
even more! We packed a lot into our 3 weeks of December at
home in the Bay before heading to Salt Lake for the holidays.
It’s hard to beat the Fairmont at Christmas ^^ Especially the life size gingerbread house!
Matching winter whites with this little angel! ^^
Union Square Christmas tree scene ^^
Festive trolleys! ^^
The giant upside down Christmas tree in Westfield! ^^
Darling displays in the St. Francis ^^
Nothing like the city at Christmas!
Wreaths in each window ^^
Masquerading for our friend Dawn’s fancy birthday party!
^^ The birthday girl!
That cake! This party was nicer than a wedding! And loved having Rachel come in town for it ^^
Magical night out! ^^
Fun to decorate our little place for Christmas! ^^
All of our past Christmas cards hanging ♥
Festive dinners at our little place with friends ^^
So sweet to decorate with this little reindeer ^^ And her cute puppet nativity from Mimi!
She was sooo cute setting up Christmas! ^^
My favorite little nativity we got in the Swiss Alps ^^
Christmas cards have all been sent! ^^
Temple date before our Oakland Temple closes for a really long time for renovation in the New Year!
SF Christmas wins ^^
City outings with our little! ^^
No, no, no and no to Santa ;)
The prettiest ward party in history ^^
Photobooth pics ^^
Reagan stood in front dancing and clapping and waving while our primary performed :)
But still did not love Santa :) ^^
Soft serve brownie sundaes at the ward party! ^^
Barre class and salads to balance out lots of holiday treats!
I cooked SO much in December, even made homemade ciabatta rolls!
I also got an early Christmas present before we left and can’t wait to finally try it ^^
I’ve been swapping quinoa + parmesan for pasta in lots of our favorite pasta recipes.
Sooo good! We love this combo of (usually bowtie pasta, but I swapped quinoa),
pesto, dried cranberries, chicken, and caramelized onions. Best!
Also, can never go wrong with coconut banana bread ^^
Yummiest butternut sage white lasagna from this recipe. ^^
Baby shower for our little Hammel boy on the way! ^^
It gave us an excuse to day trip to pretty Sonoma!
She decides to sit and be quiet at church right when it ends ;)
And a post-bath selfie! ^^
I made this different berry yogurt “bark” from here and it was a good break from all the holiday sugar!
And stops at our favorite produce shop are always the best part of the week ^^
Chase fit in some winter rides with the MoBro group this month ^^
Chilly, but still rideable here in the winter!
Girls night for Lindsay’s birthday! ^^
Lots of wrapping and gifts this month! I’m in
love with the sugar paper line at Target.
Los Altos town Christmas tree lighting! It was magical and so fun to go with the Hammels.
Love this pic of Reagan rollin’ with her homies Tom and Chase ^^
…and Mountain View Christmas Tree Lighting ^^ A little less charming but fun and packed!
Christmas shopping with this little peanut ^^
Too tempting!! Had to get the dress.
Our favorite playground ^^
Besties again ^^
2 favorite snacks of the month ^^ having pistachios already shelled is a game changer!
Homemade kale pesto to balance out all the sweets from this month ^^
Yummy bakery date night on Castro Street! ^^
Cute little cheeser! ^^
Always asking for a kiss ^^
Berry trile for a party! ^^
My complete bestie after we put up little twinkly lights together!
We had a bit of a sleepy month with this one transitioning to a big girl bed from the crib.
She finally got the hang of it just in time for us to leave town … of course :)
My favorite Christmas event in the Bay – the Palo Alto Crèche Exhibit.
Our church helps put it on each year and it is such an incredible collection
of hundreds of unique nativities with different themes, music, and art.
I got to be part of it this year helping with publicity and running the social media!
Some glimpses ^^ I wish pictures were allowed of everything inside because it’s so so special!
Night-time crèche scenes ^^
Double date night to try a new pupusa spot down the street ^^
Girls night Christmas cookie exchange ^^ Still on a sugar high!
I made these orange ricotta cookies with dark chocolate for it — yummy and different!
SF Pizza date with friends at Pioccino!
Chase’s holiday work party in SF ^^
Pretty cute date ^^
We got a quick visit from my cute dad right before we headed home for the holidays!
He had 100 miles left to fly on Delta to get Gold Status for the year (haha) so we
convinced him to come out our way as long as he needed to book a trip! We welcomed
him late on Friday night with cookies and a funny sign about his trip purpose :) ^^
Chase and my dad fit in a bike ride while he was here, and we
also had our friends over to breakfast with him! ^^
He could only stay a day and a half but it was so fun.
Croissants and a frittata for dad in town ^^
Her face sums up how we felt having Papa here! ^^
Watching some football bowl games with Papa & Dada ^^
Speaking of my dad, this video that I posted last year of surprising my dad in South Africa
hit a MILLION views! Haha I didn’t promote it, I have no idea how! So funny.
I had to stock up on all our favorite products to prepare for chapped skin in dry cold Utah!
Time to fly to see family for the holidays!! ^^
We went from 65 degrees to 30 degrees in an hour flight.
Pretty proud that I packed my bag to exactly 50 pounds with gifts and everything! ^^
Bye, December in the Bay!!
We’re spending the rest of the month in Utah with family which is so magical,
but so glad we had a few weeks to welcome the season as our little family!



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