Christmas Day 2017

Christmas Day 2017

We had a white and snowy beautiful Christmas day in Utah!
After a special Christmas Eve Sunday, we woke up at my parents house
for Christmas morning. It was so sweet to see little Reagan toddle out to the
warm fire and presents and stockings. She did wake up with a little bit of a fever
that morning which was sad, so she was just more cuddly and calm amidst the craziness.
Dressed in her green & red! ^^

So many personal fun gifts this year ^^ it’s not about gifts, but I do love
the thoughtfulness behind them. This Tom Hanks book was the perfect
present for me and I could not love it more. And, my aunt framed this
cute cycling print for us since we’ve gotten so into road biking this year! ^^
Darling book for Reagan from Mimi ^^
First gift of the morning …ski barbie for Reagan!
My mom got a new sleeping bag from my dad and of course had to get
in it right away to try it out — haha such a little camper girl ^^
Christmas magic! ^^
Reagan opened up this coaster from my parents which
was the hit of Christmas for just about everyone!
A long winter’s nap after a busy morning with both grandparents
and a walk up Neff’s. She needed rest before Christmas night began!
The sky started to clear in the evening and the sky was so pretty Christmas night.
We had just gotten some news about one of our dear friend’s dad passing on Christmas
day a few hours earlier, and this sky made me teary and filled with so much peace on this
special holiday with an extra full heart. A reminder of the true reason for the season.
Mindy’s yummy salad and my mom’s rolls ^^
Had to snap a candid shots of all the adults in one place!
(Brady is in the other room getting a drink) It was a treat
to get time just us over Christmas dinner while the
kids played with all of their new toys and gifts.
^^ Delicious steak with homemade gorgonzola sauce and veggies
We did a cranberry salsa appetizer dip that is always a hit ^^
And I made this squash dish 2 nights in a row with both families!
Magical ^^
Homemade trifle for dessert! I made this one and my mom made a different one in a long dish.
Darling Mama ^^
Such a special Christmas dessert!
Taking turns riding the coaster over and over and over ^^
Christmas games with cousins! ^^
We did a toast before presents and little R had her first taste of sparkling cider :)
Present time for the little kiddos! ^^
Socks, jammies, barbies, playmobil, the works!
Setting up all the toys!
The kiddos loved the mini tramp my parents got ^^ haha so cute seeing them jump around!
(And Reagan had to wear her older cousins boots on it of course)
Adult gift exchange! ^^ Chase gave Jeff an SLC map and Wonder sign for his office,
Mindy gave Whit a “Choose Kind” Wonder shirt, I gave Mindy a J.Crew sweatshirt,
Whit gave Brady U Stance socks, Jeff gave me a Virginia sweatshirt since they live there,
and Brady gave Chase cycling gloves. It was our first year doing an exchange instead of
gifts for all, and it made it more simple and still personal. We did the same with the kids!
When it was time for the kid gift exchange we had each one ride down
the coaster when it was their turn for their gift and get it at the bottom :)
Opening up the cutest gift from her cousin Bennett ^^
And Christmas charades to end the night! Everyone’s favorite :)

Merry Merry Christmas. ♥



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  • Ooh so many good eats! How special that you were all able to be together for Christmas. Nothing beats that! That little slide is too cute – I bet the kids couldn’t get enough of it!

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