Biking Haleakalā Crater

Biking Haleakalā Crater

While in Maui I got to ride with three of my favorite guys on the craziest, hardest bike ride!
We did 10,000 feet of climbing up Haleakalā Crater through sun, rain and sleet to make it to the top
with my husband, brother and dad! It was amazing but so much harder than I thought by the end when
we had done SO much climbing and the warm Hawaiian weather had changed to frigid soaking wet temps
in the high elevation! I got so light headed and dizzy so high up and cold at the very end, but somehow made
it thanks to my dad :) At the top we caught some sun in the Observatory and then I caught a ride down with a
group who had a truck because I was WAY too shaky cold and sweaty to manage going back down. It was such a
fun and bonding memory to do! And a good start to the trip because then we were excited to just lay on the beach :)
^^ Love this shot of Chase and my dad
It was 36 miles from our start at the coast in Paia town where we rented at Maui Cyclery to the top…
then 36 back down for the boys while I rode along in the cozy warm truck with my new friends :)
Pit stop for any bars and food we had!!!
Pretty roads! ^^
We were all SHAKY in need of food after 5 hours when we hit the visitor’s center a few
miles from the top. All they had was macadamia nuts and beef jerkey, both like $20 each but
they were worth every penny. It was probably the best meal I’ve ever had since we were so hungry!
When the weather started to change higher up the Crater ^^
My bonk point – had to lay down for a minute to make my head stop spinning ha! ^^
Thank goodness for my Dad for getting me back on the bike!
^^ Seeing this rainbow helped keep me going :)
The very end .. looked like the moon!
Literally so far above the clouds ^^
So fun to do together!
^^ And big macadamia covered sweet rolls as our reward :)


I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again, but sure glad we did it!




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