San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum

San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum

We got our first rainy day in a long time last weekend! I ran a 10k in the morning
and got soaked & freezing, so we decided to spend the rest of the day inside.
The San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum was our pick for the rainy day!
It also seemed to be the idea that everyone else in the Bay had to get out of 
the weather, haha! But it was fun to see it packed and full of action.
Little Reagan was in awe of all the kids and fun things to do!
I think our favorite parts were the play kitchen, art room, water area,
bubble room, and outdoor space — the best of all to get some fresh air!
Reagan loved climbing in this cute car. The entry even has
a fire truck to climb into! They’ve thought of so many fun ideas.
The pushpin wall was such a hit with Reagan and all the kids!
And even adults haha :) I was playing with it as much as them!

Play kitchen time — Reagan’s fave! They even have a little play restaurant
set up with menus, fake pizzas to put together, etc. Such a cute idea!
^^ And that little apron!!
Playing in the water area with her little water shield :)
For a lot of activities they have sections for the smaller kids which is nice!

Making little dolls from corn husks ^^
 She was obsessed with rolling the ball down this over and over ^^
The beautiful outdoor area was my favorite part!
The rain had stopped so we loved getting some fresh air out here ^^
Happy girl going down the slide with Dada ^^
(he went on a bike ride and met us at the
museum so that’s why he’s in his bike clothes :)
Back through the bridge because she loved it so much! ^^
And a few more times down the slide before it was time to nap.
It was so fun to take Reagan to a place where she could run free and
play with anything without being told no or to put it down. She loved it!

Happy Museum-ing!