Reagan 16 months

Reagan 16 months

I’m obsessed with little Rea at 16 months!
She’s seriously the funniest person I know and she’s
not even 2 years old. She’s smart and picking up on so much
these days. She’s had lots of life experience this month and has
gone from France to Hawaii all within her 16th month! Crazy.

Dear 16 month old Rea:

— You have your little corner of the world figured out right now. You love so many things and you get a kick out of even the tiniest things. You make us stop and notice so many details of life and we laugh + smile so many times a day because of you.

— You yell “PWWEASEEE!!!!” every time you see us eating food and want it. It makes everyone laugh so hard to hear your version of please.

— You have started to learn more little songs with actions: patty cake, itsy bitsy spider, head shoulders knees & toes, ring around the rosie, etc. Songs always make you happy and distract you if you’re sad!

— You stomp your feet fast when you’re excited and put your hands in the air :)

— You’re OBSESSED with cousins and little friends. You are so social and smile so big the whole time that you’re playing with other littles. It makes you so content!

— You L O V E food. I mean LOVE. It is the best and funniest thing! You must be my daughter :) The second you glimpse any food that anyone has, you sprint over and want it. When we feed you meals you gobble them right up, no matter what it is. You’ll eat basically anything which makes me happy. We have mostly healthy food and healthier, fewer treats at home but you’ve enjoyed lots of treats in France and Hawaii haha. That’s what vacation is for! I don’t even know what to list as your current favorite food because it’s everything basically! :) You have even eaten poi in Hawaii which makes Papa Bear very happy.

— You’re still a great sleeper. You were so solid on a schedule at home for a few months leading up to our recent travels, so it took some adjusting to nap on the go again — but now you’re flexible and sleep when you need to. You do need your lamb binkie though! You never want it unless you’re sleeping which is good, but it comforts you so much for sleep. You love to put the binkie in and rub the ears of the little lamb. It’s so sweet!

— You love to show your ‘serious face,’ ‘surprised face,’ and ‘happy face.’ You make us and everyone around laugh all the time.

Little teenager ^^
Matching with my girl in our lemon sweaters!
Happy girl at her doctor’s checkup! She was so sweet at this appointment ^^
Giving herself kisses at the doctor, with a dad in the background who is clearly entertained by her ;)
And the sweetest girl cuddling into her dad before her shots..
she somehow didn’t cry one year with either big shot this time!
She is so tough – we found out AFTER France that she had a double ear
infection the whole time and had gotten through it herself- no antibiotics!
We felt so bad, but had never noticed her pulling at her ears and just
thought it was some teething. She’s a little trooper.
Little darling eating her sandwich at the pumpkin patch ^^
Lots of playdates this month at the cutest places! Bumble’s playroom can’t be beat.
Lunch at Bumble before the playroom! Gobbled up her salmon :)
Trying on some earmuffs to prep for the cold months! :)
Little sleeping beauty constantly on the go lately ^^
Just being cute in France ^^
Chic little babe on the beaches of Southern France ^^
Celery and car keys in hand!
Couldn’t get enough of this strutting haha ^^
Halloween was the best with this little kitty this year!
She was a bunny for our family costume and a little cheetah on her own :)
In character, munching a carrot and all ;)
Matching again in our leopard print ^^Sorry Rea, can’t help it!
She learned the art of trick or treating…but didn’t realize what she was collecting
was actually sugary candy for a while. Once she did, game over! Haha
Bunny costume for the ward Halloween party/trunk or treat!
Bunny + magician ^^
She walks around with such little swagger :)
Visiting the Up house!She became a pro little flyer this month on some long-haul ones!
Running around Los Altos on a rainy night in her boots!
Lots of park dates in pretty fall weather with friends
We went to the SJ Children’s Discovery Museum which she loved ^^
She had to hold her own with all the other kids though!
Loves holding dollies and LOVES putting on mom’s shoes.
Pumpkin patch fun with friends – we rode the train, did the bounce
house, hay ride, pony ride, petting zoo, and more! She loved it, except
for maybe the pony ride…
Hahah this picture is a classic to me! She was so excited waiting in line,
then got so sad on the pony. I think it was mostly that the random guy
had to take her from me and put her on the pony -that freaked her out ha!
But back looking in right after- ha!
Such a trooper through lots of time change and jet lag!
Reading with Dada before bed, and helping me in the kitchen before dinner :)
I love carrying you and walking with you anywhere in the world little R!
Your face when you realized we had another 12 hour flight home from France hehe ^^
Best little eater! You were clearly a fan of pumpkin spaghetti haha..then straight to the bath! ^^ Taking over mom & dad’s bed lately :)
Cute tiny Ute!Made it to HAWAII!!
Beach babe!
Island babe ^^
Cousin time is the best time! We L O V E you Miss Rea!