October 2017

October 2017

Without fail, October seems to be an amazing month year after year.
I find it to be the best month to travel almost anywhere, the best month to
cook (and eat :) the best weather month, the best month to kick off holiday
season, and so much more. We always seem to fill our Octobers to the brim
with fun things, and this year was no exception. It started with conference
weekend and fun with friends in CA, then baby and I headed to Utah for a
week for a fun fall visit packed with lots of activities and friends/family.
From Utah we flew to France with my parents and met Chase there for an
amazing trip through the South of France and Provence during the perfect
time of year: no crowds and the best weather! We made it back in time to
gear up for Halloween, have some fun October outings in the Bay with friends,
and end the month with lots of fun Halloween celebrating (and too much sugar :)
Now we’re ready for another great month, November! We take off for a few weeks
this month too to celebrate Thanksgiving in Hawaii with my family…a little crazy
after our travels in October, and we didn’t know about France when we planned
Hawaii a long time ago…but I guess we better just enjoy it! I feel like the end of the
year is going to be here before I even finish typing this — so for now, OCTOBER:
My California poppy girl ^^
Baby + mama shoes, and our favorite cookies ever.
Festive fall dinner at our bffs the Hogans place! ^^
Story time at the cutest library in Palo Alto ^^
Lunch between General Conference sessions with the cute Hepworth’s.
I had to take a picture of Reagan sitting at the table in a booster like a big kid! Our sweet R babe at her 15 month checkup! All smiles, even during shots…no tears! I’m serious!
This girl is the biggest trooper — we went to the doctor the day after returning from France
and found out she had been having an ear infection our entire trip and it was subsiding by
the time we were at the doctor. We felt so bad we had no idea! She is just tough I guess!
They didn’t even prescribe antibiotics since they said she was on the tail end of it.
Being a little ham at her doctor’s office, giving kisses to herself :)
And you can see her dad is entertained by her ^^
Côte D’Azur vacationing this month! ^^
Late night cookie eating and chats with Chase since I feel like I never see him
when we’re home in our busy life…he just got a new calling at church and both
of our jobs have been busy so we’re ships in the night unless we hang late at night!
I had to take a picture of his cute tired face waiting up with me so we could go to bed together.
My little sidekick all around the world …whether awake or asleep :)
Picking up some healthy pressed juice after all those French bakeries + Halloween candy!
Obsessed with this popcorn (recipe here) and our favorite popovers!
Dinner the night before Halloween with our Hammels!
Pumpkin patches + fall fog ^^
In love with this little babe ^^
Pretty sunrise ride and coming home to these sweeties ^^
Girls dinner where we themed things all around PUMPKIN — pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin soup, salad with
pumpkin seeds, pumpkin mac & cheese, pumpkin butter brie, pumpkin cake…you get the idea :)
It was fun to bake some pumpkins for this soup recipe!
Pumpkin patches in Utah with family!
This is a new favorite Trader Joe’s combo that my mom introduced to me
since it was the sample at the Salt Lake store…you just combine in a pot and
can make it kind of a soup! My friend Di also told me that if you sauté potatoes,
chicken and peppers and add in, it’s a full meal! So delish and easy thanks to TJs.
Off on our adventure! Glad I could fly with my parents to France.
Lots of flying this month, from SF to Salt Lake to NYC to Nice and all the way back!
Just waving while waiting to go through security!
Rea boarding the plane herself, and munching on an apple for all the flight ^^
I wanted to pass out for 3 days when we finally got to Cannes!
And this is how we transported sleeping baby into the apartment.
^^ Little traveler with her headband acting as an eye shade :)
Ahh France..
French stripes ^^
Matching with my lemon girl in France! ^^
Dreamy days in more than one way..this jet-lagged girl dozed all day for the first few days hehe ^^
Strolling Cannes! ^^
Monte-Carlo ^^
Honey shopping in Provence! ^^
The kinds of high chairs they’d bring out at restaurants in France ^^ Heart eyes!
Big travel mishap at the end of our France trip — we’re talking rental car
broke down in the middle of nowhere in France, had to walk miles in the hot
sun, wait allllll day, switch cars, take cabs, and finally make it back to Nice
before flying out early the next morning. It was definitely memorable! :)
Chase stopped through Dublin on his flights to meet us in France and had a fun stop through/ bike ride. I   f i n a l l y  finished our 2016 yearbook (soo late) and it’s our favorite one yet!
I’ll do a post about my whole process for making them. They’re a lot of work but
so worth it to me to have these books to flip through from each year. I switch
around where I make them, but this one was through Nations Photo Lab!
Spoils we brought home from Provence ^^
Home to the cutest package from Hatley ^^ The baby rainboots + jacket!!!
Fun outing at Lemos Farm! Until the pony ride:
Hahaha! ^^
Halloween costumes! Bunny + magicians :)
And cheetah girls for our second easier costume :)
I love everything about this month!

Cheers, October!


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  • Love Reagan’s little bows so adorable! Can’t wait for your post on how you make your photo books, they always take me so long to make that I put off doing them all the time. It’ll be so helpful to hear your tips :) Thanks for continually posting and being my favorite blog to read every day, each time a new post is up I get super excited!

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