Welcome to our favorite town of the far!
Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is pure magic in the form of a provincial French
town built into the side of a mountain in Provence. It’s perfect and so memorable.
We arrived during the afternoon and spent a few hours here wandering the village,
eating crepes and buying soaps until the dusky golden hour when we hiked to the church
at the top of the village…Notre Dame de Beauvoir. It was one of my favorite travel memories
of life. My mom, Chase and I carried Reagan up the backside of the mountain (of course my
mom found a longer trail that looped up :) made it up to the church for sunset, and finally
meandered back down to the sleepy quiet town. My dad was down in the town on work calls
so he missed the hike but was in the lovely town with us! We were all in the best mood after
a fun day on the lake nearby and exploring Provence. It was perfect. We stayed just outside
town in a cute AirBnb and slept so well after that perfect day in this perfect town. Trop parfait!
Look closely and you can see baby Rea and I on the path above the stunning town! ^^
Picking out some lavender gifts to take home! ^^
This girl was on cloud nine running around this town ^^
These views!! ^^
Exploring the church at the top! ^^
I spy little Rea and I walking back into town! ^^
Baby was sleepy by the end of our long walk!
Hard to leave this fairytale town!



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