Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay

Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay

We’ve passed this cute little farm countless times on our drives back and forth to the coast
on Highway 92 to Half Moon Bay. We’ve seen its pumpkin patches, Christmas tree rows,
and inviting little kids rides over and over. Finally Reagan is getting old enough to have
fun and play here, so I took Reagan up up with some friends + their kiddos the Friday
before Halloween to have a fun fall outing there! It turns out most of the Bay Area had
the same idea since Lemos is a favorite this time of year, so it was pretty packed but still
so fun! Rea and I were both still a little jet lagged from getting home from France just a few
days before, but it was such nice weather and so fun to get out and play at such a fun spot! Scenes from the darling train ride! ^^
Choo choo!
We waited in the line for pony rides with our friends, and
Miss Rea was loving watching all the kids on the ponies while in line…
…until she actually got on a pony herself! …
Hahah, these pictures kill me! Too funny.
I think she was most nervous about the stranger who took her and put her on the pony.
We’ll have to retry next time! Haha
To the petting zoo! ^^
Reagan LOVED the baby goats and especially loved brushing them.
Pumpkins as big as she is!
Lunchtime cutie ^^
From the wooden horse to train rides, this girl was having the time of her life!
Sunny hay ride!

So glad we finally visited Lemos Farm! Such a darling family-run little spot
with so much charm. I think from now on we’ll stop over on the way to the
beach and do one of their single-ride tickets, like the train or pony rides on
their own! I like that they have that option since at this age, short & sweet
is better for Reagan than long activities. They also run Groupons all the time
for the all-day pass, so watch for those online! Loved it! XOXO

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