Happy Halloween 2017!

Happy Halloween 2017!

Halloween was my favorite this year!!
It’s true that all holidays are better with kids, but especially Halloween.
It takes this holiday to the next level and even though baby R was around
last year, she was just hanging out in her little lion costume with no idea what
was going on :) This year she still didn’t grasp it completely, but was loving it.
Seeing her all dressed up trick or treating was the best and funniest and cutest
thing ever! Chase and I got the biggest kick out of watching her figure out that she
could go up and get a piece of candy from people and put it in her little bucket over
and over. Between our church trunk-or-treat, Chase’s office, the downtown Los Altos
(cutest Halloween daytime trick-or-treat) and doing a few houses of friends on Halloween
night, she got her fair share of trick-or-treating! It took her a while to figure out that what
she was getting was actually sugary sweets haha — but by Halloween night she knew and
would stop every few feet to pick something out of her bucket and try to open it. We got away
with her having only like 2 suckers, a mini Milky Way, and a 100 Grand over the whole weekend.
More sugar than she’s ever had haha! We didn’t let her overdo it but we did smile watching her
discover it all. On top of that, it was fun to dress her as a little bunny and we were magicians to
go with! On actual Halloween I dressed her as a little cheetah because why not have 2 costumes?!
She was too cute in both of them, munching on a carrot in her bunny suit and making growling
sounds as a cheetah. I couldn’t get enough! Love her so much and love how fun she makes things!
To the party we go carrot in hand :)
Our church trunk-or-treat — Always the best!
Chili cook-off…so good!
Favorites of the trunk-or-treat…Costco employee costumes complete with samples (haha!)
and our darling friend Dawn who always does a donut stand. The cutest!
Playing pumpkin games ^^
The cutest little friends from church in their bunny & mouse costumes :) ^^
Festive dinner the night before Halloween with friends!
These pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with lemon icing are winners.
I was dying over this little cheetah girl on Halloween!
It was a lazier costume, but still so cute on her ^^
We went to the downtown Los Altos trick or treat on actual Halloween
and it was the best!! Our favorite little downtown shops and restaurants
were all giving out candy and Reagan was loving it. We’ll do this every year!
Cute treats and a crazy pumpkin carver at Googleween! ^^
And heading out on Halloween night! ^^
She wanted to stop and smell the flowers in between trick or treating :)
Trick or treating for real in a neighborhood — her face! ^^ Haha
Trick or treating at some of our besties houses was a highlight!
We stopped by the Hammel cottage first :)
Then through Los Altos neighborhoods, and to our friends the Lyons for their annual
Halloween/birthday bash with the best doughnuts and hot chocolate.

I love that we had some Halloween traditions to keep this year since we were living in
the same place last Halloween…that’s a first for us since before that, we’d moved every
single year (or less) for the first 5 of our marriage. It feels good to be in one place we love
and continuing fun things year by year! I can’t wait to watch little Rea each year…and
after all the clever costumes we saw this year from friends, I’m already brainstorming next year!



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