Bumble Los Altos

Bumble Los Altos

I’m in love with downtown Los Altos, just 5 minutes from where we live.
We love to go there for shopping, the library, dinner dates, the farmer’s
market all summer, all of their fun events and festivals, etc! It’s the
most idyllic little charming town nestled right on the Peninsula and
we’re lucky we get to claim it as our little downtown closest to us!
One of the cutest spots in Los Altos is Bumble, a darling restaurant
built in a little house. We heard about it when we first moved into the
area because it’s the most kid-friendly restaurant ever! We ate here
a few days before having our first baby girl a year and a half ago and
I’ve been excited to come back with her so she could use the playroom!
We had a little mother-daughter Friday brunch date and it was so nice to
go out to eat somewhere that truly welcomes little ones and is made for them!
Opening the bright yellow door!

Playing in the sandbox on the patio before getting our table! ^^
Everything here is organic and locally sourced!
It makes it worth the higher price point menu.
Cute little sippy cups ^^
I love any kid’s menu that has salmon on it!!
She gobbled hers right up and then played with the toys right by our table :)
I got a yummy egg scramble + green juice…and a few bites of Reagan’s salmon + fruit :)
Let me just talk about their homemade chocolate chip cookies…
they are worth coming here for alone!! Still dreaming about it.
Clearly so is she! :) ^^
Even the bathrooms are just the cutest here ^^

The playroom is a dream! Indoor and out — and you can see into it from
the restaurant so you can keep an eye on your little one while eating. Perfect!
Darling little kid’s meals in the playroom ^^
That’s the unique thing Bumble offers, is to drop kiddos in the cute playroom
with their meal to eat and play in there while adults enjoy lunch on their own :)
She loved every toy! ^^
Bye-bye, Bumble! See you again soon!
^^ A spring in her step as we left :)
…and a spring in my step, because I saved half this cookie to eat when I got home :)



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