Biking the bridge + Dinner on the Pier + a Show!

Biking the bridge + Dinner on the Pier + a Show!

Chase and I have both been so busy lately with no time for each other!
You’re always warned about this once kids come, etc…but I think it goes
in phases and lately we’ve been majorly feeling it. Both of our jobs have been
busy, and since my apartment managing job is part time from home I have
had to do a lot of work late at night since I’m with Reagan all day. Chase also just
got a new calling at church so he’s been tied up with lots of meetings. We’ve been
going to sleep at different times, switching each other to bike/work out while the
other is with Reagan, etc. So I told him we REALLY needed to plan a date night!

We had Aladdin musical tickets in the city and Chase had some meetings up in SF
the same day, so we made an outing of it! We got a sitter and went up for lunch,
Chase had some meetings while I got some work done, and then we took an afternoon
bike ride on the most beautiful route over the Golden Gate Bridge and into the headlands!
We stopped for a sunset seafood dinner on the pier at Pier Market, and then biked back
and showered at Chase’s office before the show started at 8. Whew! We were gone from
11:30 AM – 11:30 PM and fit in 2 good meals, an amazing bike ride, sunset on the
pier, a walk through the city, and a late Broadway show. My kind of date :)

Along the Embarcadero to Crissy Field to the bridge!
(Our entire route can be seen here on this coolest app ever)
Over the bridge we go!
After the bridge we turned up Conzelman Road (one of our favorites)
for the best views looking back at the bridge. We continued on past
Hawk Hill, all the way down the steepest hill and most beautiful ocean
views, then back up Bunker & McCullough Road. This is also a
beautiful drive, but was so fun to bike…especially with my honey!
That bridge, that city, that boy! ^^ ♥
The very steep descent ^^
It was so fun and romantic to eat dinner on the pier. We hardly ever go to Fisherman’s Wharf,
but this was a perfect time as we were biking by it on the way back! We had heard great things
about Pier Market, hidden near the end of Pier 39 on the left. It was amazing!! Fresh seafood,
beautiful views, loveliest setting, and good company. This is the gem of the Wharf!
I got the Pier Market Mixed Grill which is definitely what anyone should
order when wanting seafood here. It has fresh salmon, swordfish and a shrimp skewer.
They were all so delicious and I loved every bite together with those veggies!
Crab cakes for Chase, always. And the most delicious entrées ever! ^^
After chowder, sourdough bread, and lots of seafood, I couldn’t even imagine
dessert…but when we saw the menu we had to try an item (or two).
We had pumpkin bread pudding, and apple crisp. Unbelievably delish!
I am still full and happy from this meal.
I loved watching the seals from the window over dessert!
Then, time for the show! If you haven’t seen Aladdin on Broadway yet, GO!
We hadn’t seen it and loved it so much. The set is AMAZING, and the cast
even more so. I could not get over it. The genie is the best part, and the actor
playing Aladdin is the original from the opening in NYC. So magical!! We
had to sneak out before the very end to get back for our babysitter, but
loved what we saw and highly recommend this one! It plays through Jan. 7th.
Here’s to making time for date nights!!
Loved our bridge biking, seafood eating, musical going datex



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