September 2017

September 2017

I don’t know how these monthly recaps just keep getting longer and longer
and full of so many pictures! But — they are my favorite to look back on from
other months and years — so here we go! Sunny September was a good one for us!

We started the month spending Labor Day weekend with a sunset picnic at Half Moon Bay with friends,
survived a crazy Bay Area heat stroke, had a visit from Chase’s parents, watched lots of football
(our Utes are undefeated!!) and went to our first 49ers game, did lots of cycling (even our first
Century 100 mile ride, ah!) I went to the famous Museum of Ice Cream for a girls day, had book club,
dinner groups, explored the East Bay and some pretty playgrounds in Foster City, did the Oakland Zoo
and the SF Zoo, cooked lots, had city date nights for shows & restaurant openings, welcomed fall at
Filoli Gardens, and clearly soaked up a month at home with beautiful weather and fun events.
Now this week we take off to spend most of October away, so I’m glad we enjoyed this month home!
Early morning run views at Shoreline ^^
And that run followed by meeting Chase for breakfast.. the best.
And early morning bike views! These things make it worth it to wake up before sunrise ^^
Unheard of heat in our temperate area where no one even has AC! ^^
I always like passing the Christmas tree farms on the way into Half Moon Bay ^^ A happy sight!
Half Moon Bay with my babes! ^^
I had to use up all of my end of summer peaches in new ways…
one winner was this amazing Rosemary Peach Mozzarella Chicken.
Another was these peach protein pancakes ^^ yum!
And a third, strawberry peach coconut crumble!
This was my favorite treat all month. It was a random
combination of like 4 recipes so I will post it soon because
the coconut almond crumble is the best ever and so easy!
My new favorite yogurt ^^ Elli Quark! These have fun flavors
and no added sugar (hard to find with most yogurts!) and they’re tasty.
 Try the peach and coconut first… YUM. You can get them at
Whole Foods, some Targets I think, and order online!
Our favorite amazing playground that caters to all! ^^
TACO night with friends. I made crock pot salsa verde chicken and it was amazing!!
So simple and flavorful. I did this recipe but replaced the beer with chicken broth :)
More pink sky views from bike rides ^^
This ride I got to do with Chase because his parents were in town to watch little R!
I love hitting the high roads like Skyline where it’s almost always misty..even on a sunny day!
Little poser by the barn ^^
We love having this chick walking between us anywhere we go ^^
The zoo is even better now that Reagan knows all her animal sounds !
I’m a little in love with the pretty SF Zoo after visiting this month!
Swingset kisses ♥ ♥
So fun to get Chase’s cute parents in town for Google Parents day!
Our Utes beat BYU, whoo hoo! Fun to watch with friends!
Yet ANOTHER gorgeous California sunrise ^^
I guess it pays to wake up at 5 AM!
The ingredients for Reagan’s baby meal prep from Raised Real are fancier than our meals!
One of my favorite meals from the month — this simple Southwest Salad ^^
Are these getting old yet? I have to take a pic on every bike ride for Strava, can’t help it! :)
City night out! ^^
Early morning Santa Clara views ^^
Obviously a major highlight of the month, and YEAR!!!
Obsessed with the new Minted store in SF! ^^
Picnicing at Filoli! ^^
I finally got a Gathre mat to try out. So nice and lightweight and perfect for the park or beach!
Always a pic on the way out to church! ^^
Feeling like fall!
Dreamy girls dinner group at our friend Lindsay’s house.
We’re theming a food night every month and sharing recipes!
This one was fall comfort food and so yummy + fun.
Lindsay = host of the year!
I made this green chile cheesey skillet cornbread with honey butter on top,
then we had butternut soup, homemade mac & cheese, a veggie bake,
cheese plate, nectarine salad, and chocolate bundt cake. MMM!
I feel like the majority of my month was spent chasing this cutie pie all around :)
The last farmers market of the year for Los Altos.
Our Thursday nights won’t be as fun or tasty!
Cute girl walking spoon in hand for her samples and dinner at the market :)
Little princess of the playground ^^
Playing at the cute Shoreline ship playground ^^
Rengstorff Park lawn ^^
My dad is the cutest and sent me tons of biking gear now that we’re getting into it.
So sweet! He says it’s his dream come true that his daughter is cycling…I’ll take it :)
The best thing is having my Sarah bestie get into cycling with me!!
Since Chase and I trade off staying home with baby, I love going with
Sar and a group of girls. We have the prettiest rides right by us!
^^ “MoWo” crew
Chase and I did get to ride together for a 100 mile CENTURY ride for charity!
It was amazing and insane!
Lots of good food this month, especially after that long bike ride!!
I’ve been trying to prep breakfasts ahead of time a few days a week because it makes
it so much easier when I get home from the gym or working out and need to feed R!
This water is so good — infused with lemon, mint and cucumber.
Good for detox and it tastes so good.
Autumn salad + carrot ginger soup.
Posting recipes for both soon!
I love months where I’m stocked up on food and can cook so much!
Now my fridge is empty before leaving town :(
Homemade acai bowls and homemade chocolate ice cream ^^
Family bike rides are the best…even on sore legs!
Shoe shopping for baby = her napping HARD after a tiring Nordstrom outing! :)
Pretty little find in Los Altos thanks to my friend Sar for telling me! ^^
Dutch baby pancake in the skillet with cinnamon apples — new fave!
Indian butter chicken dinner that I had been craving!
And there is nothing like homemade soup in the fall!
Chase took a quick trip to Arizona for the U football game and got in a fun ride! ^^
Rea and I were going to join but it was such a quick 2 day trip and he had fun with Sam!
Succulents at Tam’s house and a little one for our place!
Whole wheat olive oil zucchini banana bread with chocolate chips
that’s a mouthful and I had many mouthfuls of this! ^^ (Recipe linked)
I wore Chase’s cycling glasses on a ride and felt so funny in them hah!
But they were actually so nice so I might need a pair.
My favorite lightweight little snack bars for the bike – LivBar!
Of course Chase’s bay bff Tom has gotten into cycling too!
Now these two are ordering kits and bike gear like crazy haha.
This girl is so funny on Facetime! I love having it as a way to stay connected from afar!
Chase flew down to Arizona to see the Utes play with his best friend Sam! ^^
Kissy face story time with dad, and family selfie fails ^^
Strolling downtown Los altos and grabbing the best brunch in Palo Alto!
And my favorite sight this time of year ^^

Ready for you, October!
But really really loved our September.



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