Reagan at 15 months

15   M O N T H S!
Such a fun and crazy stage.
This is the month that feels like we have for switched into toddler mode.
She is not quite a baby anymore! It’s been a fun month with fall activities,
a packed trip home to visit family and friends in Utah, and then a big trip
to the South of France which was a doozy…but so fun and worth it with Rea!

Some favorites from this stage:

  •  You are such a delight, little Rea, and you make everyone smile wherever you go.
  • You’re so independent, which comes with this stage. You want to walk everywhere in your own direction, feed yourself with a fork/spoon, hold everything yourself, etc. I love how capable you are!
  • You do the funniest “serious face,” “surprised face” and “happy face” and make everyone laugh.
  • Your hair has grown a lot this month and it’s so cute laying down with bows clipped in.
  • You have also gotten a lot taller this month! Hello growth spurt! You were at 50% height but now you’re at 85%…that makes more sense with how tall both your parents are!
  • We taught you how to throw a ball which you’re so good at, but the only problem is now you want to throw lots of things which is not the best– haha we’ve had to teach you some things we can’t pick up and chuck across the room!
  • You’ve started to run and it’s my favorite thing. If I tell you “hurry!” or “run!” you start jogging over to me with one arm swinging. Love it!
  • You loved having time with your cousins this month and were so sweet with them! They make you so happy and you laugh and giggle the whole time.
  • Books are getting even more fun because now you know most of ours at home and can point things out, do actions, and follow along! You are so smart!
  • You LOVE bags and will walk around all day holding any type of bag and putting random things in it.
  • You are talking more and more and in the funniest ways. When we were traveling we’d come up to a new place and you’d say “Oh wow!” and again make everyone laugh.
  • You visited your 6th country this month! Pretty crazy!
  • Your dancing is still a hit with everyone. You are hilarious when you hear music and those hands feel the rhythm!
  • You love to say hi and bye to everyone. You started combining with names now so you’ll say “Hi Mama, Hi Papa, Hi Yaya, Hi Dada” etc.My California girl at this cute poppy mural ^^
    Love my 15 month old girl ^^
    Her hair getting long enough for a clip bow is the best!!
    Love going on outings close to home at Shoreline Park and visiting Chase at work after since it’s so close!
    Apples are one of her top favorite foods ^^
    She eats at least one a day! That’s why going to
    the apple orchard + tasting was such a hit :)
    Loves to be outside on picnics or reading dates at the park!
    Playing dress up with a new coat that’s a little big, and she loves to put her
    feet in mom & dad’s shoes. It’s seriously her favorite thing haha!
    I came in and found Reagan and Chase having a sunglass dance party before bed :)
    Book lover at home and at library story time ^^ Look at her front and center!
    She had her first all-day babysitter when Chase and I did the Century bike ride this month.
    We hired someone off and I was worried Reagan wouldn’t do well waking up to
    a stranger and spending all day, but the sitter said she was amazing and didn’t even cry one
    time! She sent me these photos while we were away and they made me so happy :)
    More dress ups ^^ Loves putting things on her head ha!
    Love this little girl after bath and before bedtime ^^
    She is so happy go lucky and always smiling when we’re out and about ^^
    She’ll still eat mostly anything! She’ll be a little picky about who feeds her
    and how, but eventually I can usually get her to try anything.
    ^^ “What is this thing?”
    Matching her pony to the pumpkin stems :) ^^
    Still LOVES dancing and always loved stopping at the Farmer’s Market to
    play some tambourine…and my message to R from the Museum of Ice Cream!
    Going through security at the airport :) ^^
    Cutest little person on the plane, popping her head through the seats to say hi to people.
    My little travel buddy ^^
    Cute little flyer / apple eater ^^ That apple took her like half the flight to eat!
    You can see from her face how happy she was to be with cousins and on a slide :)
    Not quite tall enough for the piggie cutout :) ^^
    She still loves food, especially Grandma Linny’s rolls ^^
    Funniest & cutest Facetimer! ^^
    Furniture shopping and fall outings, happy girl no matter the outing!
    When I went home I pulled out some of my baby pictures and feel like there is
    lots of similarity with Reagan even though she also looks so much like Chase!

She did pretty well in France considering the time change, but the first few days
she slept all day and partied all night which we couldn’t blame…so we had a
few times of carrying her car seat into the apartment and I loved her bum in
the air sleeping position…it’s how she sleeps when she’s the most tired!
Running around her pink palace ^^
And running around French cobblestone streets ^^
…and running down the Cannes marina past all the yachts ^^
Basically running just about anywhere! :)
Little lemony love ^^
And little French Riviera beach babe ^^
Just back from a day of shopping! ^^ ;)
My baby Madeline ^^
French stripes! ^^
In your 6th country Monaco! ^^
Looking cool dancing in shades and snoozing in shades ^^
Little exhausting flyer! Loves her Papa!
Matching with mama ^^
Loved seeing her in her pink dress at the pink palace in France ^^
Sweetest snoozer on the go ^^

And this is what a delirious jet-lagged babe looks like — ha!
Inventing her own game of diving and sliding on the pillow.
Champion sleeper ^^



Love you, little 15 month old RR!



'Reagan at 15 months' has 4 comments

  1. October 27, 2017 @ 11:49 pm Courtney {Alkeks Abroad}

    I love reading these updates. I feel like our girls are so similar everything you wrote I was like “yep same here.” I loved all the snaps of her in the south of France!


    • emi

      October 28, 2017 @ 10:29 pm emi

      ha i love that! so bonding to have babes similar ages…just wish we lived closer! ♥ xoxo


  2. October 28, 2017 @ 3:33 pm Mani @ A New Life Wandering

    So adorable! I love how she’s standing and front at the library.


  3. October 28, 2017 @ 10:31 pm mandy

    she’s darling and you can see her happiness in the pictures!


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