Laid Back Poke Shack in SLC!

We have poke shops all around us in the Bay Area, so I loved seeing that one has popped
up in Salt Lake! It’s such a good and healthy go-to for lunch or dinner and this place does it right.
“Poke” is a raw fish salad which might not sound appetizing, but when done right it’s the best!
High quality ahi and salmon are offered in different flavorings. We loved the spicy ginger ahi,
ginger salmon, and Kalua Pig Bowl (perfect if you’re not the raw food type :). All of these paired
with our favorite Hawaiian Sun drinks, and we felt like we were transported to Hawaii!
We will be back to this spot when we come in town, and good news- they are expanding to Lehi..
and hopefully beyond that! Their current location is in Holladay at 6213 Highland Drive.
This luau style pork is AMAZING over brown rice! Loved every bite. ^^^
This is the kind of meal that leaves you feeling good and healthy instead of heavy ^^
Can’t beat these! ^^
I loved having a date with my dad here, the Hawaiian King!
He served his mission in Hawaii and lived there for 2 years when
he was 18-20 so we go back yearly and he thinks he is part Hawaiian :)
Here’s to Hawaiian vibes — good thing we are going next month!!


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