Cycling the Riviera

Cycling the Riviera

I’m so glad we’ve been getting into cycling so that we could ride together in the South of France!
It was a complete dream and it was so lucky Chase and I could ride together since we were traveling
with my parents. My mom would take Reagan while Chase and I would ride early, then she’d meet
us along the coast and switch one of us out since she’s an amazing cyclist! It was so fun to switch
around and ride together with Chase and my mom! My dad was tied up with his conference so I
didn’t get to ride with him but next time!! We rented from a cool service that will find you bikes
anywhere! It’s called BimBimBikes and it connected us with a place called YouRent-Cannes
right on the waterfront. One day we went Northeast toward Juan-Les-Pins, around Cap d’Antibes,
and to the charming town of Antibes. Another day we went bigger and went Southwest along the
coast from Cannes toward Saint-Tropez. We made it to Saint-Raphaël and then my mom switched
Chase and I rode back with her. It was a 50 miler with plenty of elevation :) but pretty scenery to distract!

Here are some pictures from our days cycling. I was pinching myself riding with my husband through France!
I love following this guy anywhere!
His jersey matching the French windows was the best. ^^
I loved Antibes and we wanted to come back after our ride to the Picasso Museum there!
This town ^^^^^^ Ah!
Everyone needs to experience Antibes! ^^

Riding back with my mama! ^^
Through the prettiest roads and by buildings like this ^^
The best part about biking in France is stopping at bakeries along the way :)
The further we went down the coast the more the landscape changed!
I couldn’t believe the red rock that we started to see – so unexpected!
Coastal views all along! ^^
Riding through busy Cannes in the evening ^^
From sunrise to sunset, we loved riding in France!!
We met new friends, saw incredible scenery, and spent time
together…and earned a few more croissants ;)



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