Canary Challenge Century Ride!

Canary Challenge Century Ride!

Chase and I did our first century bike ride last weekend!
It was amazing AND crazy. It was 100 miles and 8,600 feet of elevation- ahh!
The only thing that made it doable was the cause of supporting the amazing Canary Cancer Center
and fundraising for them! It was also so fun to do it with Chase and some other neighborhood cycling
friends.  I felt lucky to be able to do it after my own little scare with cancer this year, and it was a
meaningful cause to support so many fighting this illness. It is such a well-done ride between the
beautiful route, best support stands and food, great sponsors, and organization. We loved it!
An early wake-up call to get everything together, get the babysitter set up, and head to the start.
Ready to go!
Our team! We were riding for many, including our friend Quinn who was just diagnosed ♥
Also, most of our friends in this group are AMAZING cyclists who we were lucky to be in the presence of.
What are we getting ourselves into!?
Chase and our friend Al who is basically a pro cyclist!
Misty top of Skyline after King’s Mountain ^^
Beautiful redwoods on the route!
I was living for the amazing rest stops ^^
Riding along the 1 was so pretty to be at the coast,
but we had the worst headwind so it was actually pretty miserable.
I did love seeing Pigeon Point Lighthouse on the ride though!
Our crazy ride complete on Strava ^^
Ha when my watch popped up with this I decided I had earned some chocolate shake :)
And best of all, Reagan did great the entire time with a babysitter we hired.
The sitter sent me these cute pictures all during the day which made us smile :)


Here’s to doing hard things!


3 thoughts on “Canary Challenge Century Ride!”

  • Good for you! What a great cause and a great achievement! I love to run and bike and would love to follow you on Strava if you aren’t private. :)

  • Wow, congrats! Looks like an awesome and scenic route! My husband and I rode a century together when we lived in Utah (before having a kids ha ha) and it’s something so rewarding and fun to be able to do with your spouse.

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