A week in Cannes

A week in Cannes

We based out of Cannes for our stay in the French Riviera.
My dad had business here, so it was an easy decision to stay
where he was! I’d been through the South of France but never
Cannes, so it was fun to explore this glitzy and glamorous town.
It was a good home base all week as we explored all of the towns
and cities in either direction of it. For now, let’s start with a post
full of our time in Cannes! Pardon the weeks worth of pictures here :)
Flying in over the Riviera! ^^
Our pretty apartment rental! ^^
French baby clothes stores ^^ ♥
Yachts on yachts on yachts ^^
The marché + meeting my dad for kebabs! ^^
Just reasons to love France ^^
Jogging around the old town ^^
Pink buildings and the yummiest restaurant ^^
This babe was sleepy for lots of the first few days but still so flexible!
Dancing with Papa during his breaks from meetings ^^We ate out in the prettiest Italian restaurant one night and I loved
the darling high chair they brought our for baby. The place was called
Salsamenteria Di Parma and is right next to another great restaurant in
Cannes – Aux Bon Enfants! Both on the best street Rue Meynadier.
Views from our apartment ^^
Nothing like a good doner kebab…why is Europe so good at these?!
Morning runs with Chase to find the best food markets ^^
Beach time was the best!
Three cheers for Cannes! Now to follow: allllll of the French Riviera
towns + villages we visited, plus a road trip into Provence.


À bientôt!


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