The Beautiful San Francisco Zoo!

The Beautiful San Francisco Zoo!

Just like everything in San Francisco, its Zoo is so pretty and unique.
I had never been before, but have been wanting to take little Rea!
We went for the morning when Chase’s parents were visiting town
and it was so beautiful, not crowded, and just the nicest zoo!

We had a foggy Friday morning and I would recommend a weekday morning
visit, because it truly felt like we had the place to ourselves with perfect weather too!
Pretty happy to be at the zoo! ^^
Little Rea didn’t nap on the way up like planned (because our car was full of
fun people for her to play with! :) so I was worried she wouldn’t last but she
walked herself all over the zoo so happily and lasted the entire time!
Riding the tiny train! It’s really short but a cute steam train.
Those Monterey cypress trees are too pretty all over the zoo! ^^
Snack break with Papa ^^
Close-up view of the snow leopard! ^^
Seriously the vegetation at this zoo is half of the appeal!
We could not get over all of the gorgeous plants and trees everywhere.
Very focused on the zebras ^^ :)
Posing on the bear for Papa Bear!
And, leaving the zoo after a fun visit. This little one was so tuckered out
and fell asleep within seconds of getting back in the car! We’ll be back soon!



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