Reagan at 14 Months

I never understood why parents answered with months instead of years
when you asked their baby’s age…but now I see that you can’t just
round down to 1 or up to 2 years old, because each month has so
many changes! I promise once she turns 2 I won’t keep up the
monthlies, but I do still love recording favorites at each month still.

I want to freeze time except I don’t, because seeing your own child
progress and grow and learn is what life’s all about. Cheesy but true.
Every emotion, happiness, frustration, and important aspect of life
is wrapped up in this little child and our day-to-day with her. Every
day it seems like she’s doing something new, and we get the biggest
kick out of it. This month we found out a few of our very best friends
are all expecting babies on the way, and it has made me even more
excited knowing what is in store for them. I’m obsessed with every part
of the chance to get to raise a tiny human. It’s 100x better than expected
and continues to be! (even through the not so fun parts!)

Dear 14 month old Reagan:

You are too cute and fun for words. Dad and I just love watching you play, talking to you, realizing how much you know, listening to you jabber, asking you to make animal sounds, chasing after you, and cuddling up. Some favorites:

♥♥ Every time we open your nursery door after you wake up, you yell HIIII!! in the cutest high-pitched happy voice. Same thing if one of us comes through the front door — immediate “hi!” :)

♥♥ You’re an early talker according to everyone who meets you! You talk nonstop and know so many words. You even combine them! Your most common words are: HI! Yes, Baby, Emi, Chase, Dog, Ball, “Oh Wow,” Whoa, and so many others including lots of mimics of what we are saying.

♥♥ You know your animal sounds and it’s so fun! You do a dog woof, cat meow, tiger rawr, bear growl, cow moo, monkey “ahh ahh”, pig snort, duck quack, frog ribbit (your own version of the word since you can’t quite pronounce it haha), lion roar, wolf howl (the best one) and more! You love doing them all day when we ask you, in songs, books, your puzzles, etc!

♥♥ Your hair is the showstopper right now. Honestly every person comes up in public and touches your fuzzy blonde hair and comments on it! We tame it into the cutest pony right on top of your head. It’s growing more and more though and laying down!

♥♥ You are the best eater, which everyone reminds me of when they see you eating! There are a select few things you sometimes will hand back to us, but for the most part you’ll happily try anything and love lots of foods. When you try something you really like you go “mmm!” all high and cute. When you want food you walk up with your mouth wide open just waiting for it :) You also run to the fridge when it’s mealtime and stand by the fridge, knocking on it until I open it. When I do open it, you always pick something out like grapes, an apple, etc. and grab it and run away. So funny!

♥♥ You still don’t get sugary treats too often, but somehow find treats on the counter whenever I make them and take a little sampling on your tip toes :)

♥♥ Your dance moves are also your show stopper. Any hint of music you hear — radio, phone ringtones, someone singing, an ad jingle, you stop what you’re doing and start groovin’. We laugh because you actually have pretty good rhythm! You twist your hands around, sway, bounce, bob your head, I could watch it for hours.

♥♥ You’re friendly with all people, and run up to say hi when we’re out in public. It’s sweet!

♥♥ You’re an amazing sleeper right now…sleeping 7 PM- 7 AM, and napping from 10 AM – 11:30 and then 2:00-3:15. Must be a growth spurt! I’ll take it while I can get it!

♥♥ You are a WALKER, girl! We barely take the stroller anywhere now because you seriously don’t need it. You can walk like a few miles at a time, I swear! Endurance baby!

♥♥ You run around with your hands in the air when you’re excited :) :)

♥♥ You’re loving books more than ever. All day you bring them to us to read, and you know all the parts of your favorite ones. If I’m cooking dinner, you come in the kitchen with your books and sit on the floor reading them. I love it.

♥♥ You love anything you can take apart and put back together — like things with lids, etc. You empty every drawer and then put things back in, it’s so funny!

♥♥ You’re happy and hilarious and we love you more than you can know.

Favorite pictures from the month ..
Coming in to this face every day is the biggest treat ever ^^
My favorite blue eyes! ^^
Walking with your hands in the air – one of the best things you do!
Strolling the zoo!
Tiny babe + tiny flowers ^^
You love your grandparents!
You’ve been such a good sleeper, and I always laugh when I check the monitor to see you snoozing hard.
Biking around with you in your pink helmet with the pony sticking out :)
Kisses with Dad at the park!
Walking hand and hand with mom & dad ^^
Always stopping for the flowers! ^^
You love the playground! ^^
Happy to have a visit from Mimi & Papa this month!
Tiniest cutest Ute! ^^ You love being a football fan.
We love exploring the Bay together!
Just running around pants-less in the courtyard!
The cutest happy face I just want to squeeze ^^ I love how you stop to explore and touch everything ^^
You love your veggies! Broccoli and carrots :)
Drinking your green smoothie :)
And the wide open mouth you make when you want food.
Between that and the hair, you make us laugh so hard!
 A girl who loves food…my kinda girl :)
Always going for the treats ^^
Your little smile in both of these pictures!!!
I’m starting to have a true shopping problem for this stage …
too many cute things especially now that you’re walking around.
I love these Jellabee twirl dresses and of course Wren & James.
You love visiting Dad at work ^^ Can’t blame you!
Twins, according to everybody!
You love the park with friends…and your friend Indie doing your hair :)
Library time is our new favorite — especially when dad meets us after work!
You want to eat anything I’m eating or drink from any cup I’m drinking from.
I love it except for when you won’t give my cup back! :)
I’d walk anywhere, all over with you!
Beach baby ^^
Dad’s attempt at trying to contain your wild hair! hahah
Trying on a hat for our trip coming up, and cat ears for Halloween! ^^
You are so happy when we go shop at Trader Joe’s.
You’ve figured out the sample stand and go stand there with your hand out :)
Park dates and Costco dates ^^
Running around, then reading in the car ^^
Getting you after you wake up is one of my top 3 favorite things in life.
Such a goofball, playing the trumpet in the paper towel roll and pulling faces :)
We love taking you on outings — the Oakland zoo and SF zoo both this month!
^^^^ That face!
You love time with both of your sweet grandmas.
Kissy face story time with dad, and your post-bath parade out to me in your tiny robe hehe! ^^
Talking while taking this photo but still love it because you look sooo sweet :)
We love you Miss Rea!



'Reagan at 14 Months' has 3 comments

  1. September 21, 2017 @ 10:46 pm Anna

    Adore her. The hair should win an award of some kind!!!


  2. September 22, 2017 @ 6:29 pm Courtney {Alkeks Abroad}

    Ah she’s is so cute! I love your updates and I can’t believe all of her words!


    • emi

      September 22, 2017 @ 10:04 pm emi

      i’m obsessing over leighton! these two need to meet!


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