Museum of ICE CREAM!!!!!

Museum of ICE CREAM!!!!!

The Museum of Ice Cream Popup came to San Francisco!!!!
Thanks to our friend Dawn we got to be in the first private group tour
to celebrate our friend Jami’s birthday! It was such a treat (literally :) to
visit this darling place that is out of a dream. It’s obviously not your typical
museum, but more of a fun, sweet, very insta-grammable experience walking
from room to room tasting ice creams, learning ice cream facts, dancing to Taylor Swift,
seeing Unicorns :), eating cotton candy, and best of all — jumping in the sprinkle pool! The place was so beautiful and we took so many pictures as we were going around. It’s likely that we’ll be uploading some of them to our Instagrams soon. More people should visit this place and take some pictures to upload to Instagram. Even if you don’t have many followers, the pictures will still look lovely on your feed. People can always get followers from companies like Socialcaptain. Be sure to read about that company beforehand though to make sure it’s safe. There are reviews online, so make sure to check one out. Anyway, this experience was way more fun than I even expected, and so fun to have the place to ourselves.
In the prettiest building right off Union Square! ^^
It was a former bank and has been vacant for years, so it was a treat to see inside.
So many cute details…every room is a treat for the eye!
Cotton candy with SPARKLES of course :)
We all had to write love notes on the letter wall to our husbands who were home with the kids :)
Mochi in the letter room ^^
The best ice cream by far, in the unicorn room :)
They told us it was frozen magical unicorn milk
and wouldn’t reveal what was really in it ha! But so yummy.
The pink dipped cones were just about the cutest ^^
Love the birthday girl! ^^
Our tour guides!! And the CEO/founder of the Ice Cream Museum on the left :)
This really was the best thing ever. We were all rolling around in sprinkles,
throwing beach balls, jumping in, and singing along to the T swift that was blasting.
Girl heaven!
Of course they had ice cream from Bi-Rite in the first room, one of the best spots in SF.
It was a speculoos cookie flavor that was exclusive to the museum!
Even the gift shop was a dream…but you can only get to it if you have tickets.
I wish the public could get in because this part itself is so darling!
^^ And Museum of Ice Cream branded flavors for the first time!
After the BEST tour we went around the corner to lunch at a favorite spot..
the gorgeous Rotunda in Neiman Marcus! Like I said, our friend Dawn is
the master planner. We had a set menu and our own room for the birthday lunch!
^^ Those famous popovers + strawberry butter
The Crab Louie here is so yummy too, and their salmon is AMAZING!
Best girls day!
And best setting!



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