Labor Day at Half Moon Bay!

Our Labor Day weekend was pretty low key thanks to the crazy heat wave
that took over the Bay and made us cancel some of our plans…but we did escape
to the coast for a fun picnic potluck dinner with friends at Half Moon Bay.
It was breezy and cool and so beautiful, straight out of a dream!
It was the highlight of our holiday weekend for sure.
Thanks to our cute friend Sarah for putting it together!
One of my very favorite beach settings with those cliffs ^^
The girls ^^ Love them all!
We couldn’t resist taking a million pictures in that magical golden light!
After getting so splashed by the waves hah! ^^
Baby R walking the coastline path and all the cute kids playing in the ocean ^^
This little California chick loves the water and sand so much.
I’m obsessed with these two ^^
So fun to have a dinner picnic even if our food did get a little sandy ;)
And back by the Ritz where you can roast marshmallows…the best! ^^
It’s hard to beat Half Moon Bay in my book!



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