Tips for kid-free trips!

Tips for kid-free trips!

There are lots of tips for kid-friendly vacations, but sometimes parents need a kid-free trip!

Even though it’s extra sweet to vacation with kids, taking a baby along each trip can be draining. Far from the jam-packed trips of our past, we now vacation much differently. It goes without saying that we’re all more than willing to make these sacrifices and adjustments as parents because it’s so worth it to make memories as a family.

But .. that doesn’t mean you can’t get away without your little one sometimes. It’s good for your marriage and makes you miss and appreciate the kids even more!

So if you have family or friends to leave a little one with, plan a trip at somewhere like Finnair Holidays matkat and enjoy your relaxing getaway! We still haven’t had a full getaway without baby yet, but we’re in the midst of planning one now. It will be strange to travel without her, but it will be fun to get a taste of pre-baby traveling days.

Since we’re planning our first kid-less trip right now, here are some tips and thoughts to consider..


First, focus on your destination. This is obviously the most important decision for any trip, and a romantic kid-free getaway is no different. Luckily there are plenty of romantic destinations to choose from…from Italy to Paris, and everywhere between. Here are a few of the things to consider when picking destination:


First thing’s first– choose an adventurous & romantic culture! Consider what makes a country romantic for you… if it’s food you can go to Italy, language go to France,…if the countryside appeals you could go to England like Yorkshire Moors with cozy cold weather.


Instead of the family-friendly hotels you might be used to, it’s worth taking time to find a romantic place to stay. Hotels are nice, but if you’re willing to branch out you can browse rental properties for your time away. These are ideal because they provide the privacy you’re after…or an Airbnb for less expensive options!


Once your destination is decided on, wait to book anything until you consider how long you want to be away for. Here are your two main choices:

The weekend trip

Despite your desire for a break, it might be best to keep this kind of trip short… at least for the first time! If all goes well, you can plan something longer next time around. There are a few reasons for this. On one hand, you will obviously miss your child. That goes without saying, and it can be so hard to deal with a long separation from your child. And you don’t want that to lessen your enjoyment. Instead of rekindling your spark, the time away could lead to arguments and frustration. If you’re only away for two or three nights, there’s less chance that things will get stressful. You can have a fun relaxing getaway without missing home too much. Or if you’re really worried, you could even opt for a staycation the first time! That way, you’ll have the reassurance that you can be back in a few hours if needed, while still getting to enjoy the fact that you’re away from home.

Longer trip

Of course, don’t shy away from a little longer trip if that’s what you want. These have their plus points, too, and it’s what we’re considering — a longer trip a little further away. As long as we’re going and having our little one watched, why not go somewhere far and worth it!


Last, but not least, it’s time to plan what you’ll be doing while you’re away. As mentioned above, this depends in part on your personal travel tastes. But, it needs your consideration anyway. Given that this is a romantic vacation, it’s worth approaching from a different angle than you would usually.


You can kiss goodbye to the family zoo for this vacation. But even though you’ll be more relaxed, it’s still worth taking an excursion or two. These can be anything from exploring local towns to signing up for tours. Never underestimate how fun it can be to do something new together! There’s something so romantic about exploring a new place with your loved one. And, without your little one to worry about, you can go at the pace which suits the two of you. Handheld strolls through quaint villages are a good way to feel young & in love!


Even if you usually go out each day you’re away, it’s worth taking some downtime for a romantic vacation. As fun as it is to experience new things together, this is also a chance to enjoy each time alone. Since life with kids is so crazy, it’s good to spend some downtime together. So make time for laying by the pool, heading to the beach, watching shows or reading. Just spending time together will be amazing!


There’s a lot to consider with a trip away from your kids, but it will be worth the effort. Make these decisions fast, then look forward to time alone with your love!