Gull Park, Foster City

Gull Park, Foster City

Now that little Rea is walking// running// exploring// learning everywhere she goes,
it’s so much more fun to take on little outings for kids! So we’ve been exploring the best parks,
museums, and kids activities around us. Gull Park in Foster City was a fun playground with the best
views of the canals, and same with Parkside Aquatic Park San Mateo! It was fun to visit both in one afternoon. Little park-goer ^^
The water color! ^^
This girl loves the water! ^^
So sweet to see her stop in her tracks to pick some tiny flowers ^^
We swung by the nearby Parkside Aquatic Park which has a few more amenities
and would be a fun little spot to spend the day with a picnic!
Love this beautiful Bay Area where we live.
After the parks it was up to South San Francisco to do a focus group which was so interesting!
I love having this adventure buddy with me everywhere we go ♥



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