Filoli Gardens Fall Festival

Filoli Gardens Fall Festival

I can’t tell you how long Filoli Gardens has been on my list!
I’ve driven through Woodside so many times and longed to see the
amazing estate and gardens tucked back in the hills in this pretty area.

We tried originally to go in the spring but it got too crazy before we took off
for summer travels, so we decided to go to kick off fall at their fall festival day!
I was expecting a lot less to be in bloom this time of year, but it was so green
and lush and incredible. We loved our day strolling, picnicking, cider pressing,
apple & pear tasting, pumpkin patching, flower smelling, and celebrating the
end of summer / first weekend of fall! It was a perfect taste of both seasons.
The entrance to the rose garden felt so magical! It felt like the secret garden. ^^
Tiny garden explorer ^^
It was fun to have a picnic in this gorgeous spot!
You can only bring food into the picnic area of the grounds by the visitor’s center,
but it was a nice part of our visit to bring food and eat in the prettiest setting.
Touring the main house after lunch ^^
…and then to the pumpkin patch! ^^
Love this picture of my little pumpkin ^^
Cider press & apple tasting
We all loved the apple & pear tasting from their orchards after our picnic!
Tasting apples from the orchard! ^^

Love these Bay adventure buddies the Hogans! ^^
We’ll be back, Filoli! Chase even said he wants to look into membership because we
loved it so much. Plus, it’s a beautiful bike ride up to it :) XOXO Happy Fall!

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