East Bay Exploring!

East Bay Exploring!

Fun fact about Chase: he is constantly looking at real estate and sending me links.
Just the other day he was sending me houses from this Winston Salem realtor which he liked. It’s one of his favorite hobbies that I don’t really understand! Especially in this
crazy Bay Area market I don’t even bother looking because it’s so outrageous…and
when I’m not actively looking to move, I would never just browse for fun like he does.

A few weeks ago Chase started sending me links to homes in the East Bay,
like the nice suburbs of Oakland. I had no idea that prices were less up there!!
We love our area on the Peninsula so much right now and if I could I’d stay forever,
but eventually we’ll outgrow our current place so Chase has been talking about looking
at the East Bay (for more than a year from now, if we even decide to). He got my attention
with this because it’s the one part of the Bay we’ve never lived, (we’ve lived in the city,
South Bay, and on the Peninsula) and I like that there are less expensive cute neighborhoods
that are closer to the city than we are now. He convinced me to go up for the day to drive through
some of the cute areas and explore just to give ourselves a sense in case we ever make a move one day!
We drove up through Walnut Creek, through Lafayette and Orinda,
and areas in between. They were all so cute with a different feel to each.
After our exploring we ended up in downtown Oakland for brunch looking over Lake Merritt.
^^ I spy Chase in the window!

Dining at The Terrace Room!

This restaurant is one you might miss if you don’t know about it, since it’s in
a historic old hotel attached to an apartment complex — so it’s not very obvious!
We ordered truly the best menu items and LOVED it!
The chef previously worked at Mayfield Bakery in Palo Alto
which we love, so it makes sense that this food was incredible.
The menu is seasonal and so unique and the food + views were stellar.
Dungeness Crab Omelet with fresh crab, fennel, hollandaise, & crispy potatoes.
It was heavenly and I kept stealing bites off of Chase’s plate.
But I still might have won the ordering with this strawberry & rhubarb turnover.
This dish came straight out of my dreams! It’s puff pastry, berries blended
with rhubarb, ricotta, and pistachio. So light yet decadent, and amazing!!!
I love the historic photos in this historic building lobby.
There is also a live piano player making the setting so nice.

You’re missing out if you don’t go to the Terrace Room for brunch with a view.
We’ll be back soon to try the ever-changing menu!