Calafia Brunch in Palo Alto

Saturday after a 60 mile bike ride = BRUNCH TIME!
We love driving up the road to Town & Country Village
in Palo Alto to eat and shop. It has some of the best spots,
and it’s our goal to try them all! We’ve heard amazing
things about Calafia and finally tried it. It was AMAZING.
Highly highly recommend coming here for a meal.
The menu is so unique with tons of different sections
and categories depending when you dine…but you can’t
go wrong! The seasonal specials are probably the very best!
Can you tell we were hungry?! I feel like we deserved it after our biking morning…
and Reagan is always up for any and all food ;)
Green juice to start while we tried our hardest to decide on the amazing menu items.
I decided on the Blue Max, one of their signature items.
It’s like their own take on eggs benedict, but with crisped potatoes
instead of english muffins and topped with sautéed mushrooms,
spinach and poached eggs with swiss, bacon and lemon hollandaise.
That lemon hollandaise is still in my dreams! Loved every bite.
Super Salad to lighten things up between our two entrees — with Dino kale,
quinoa pilaf, feta, walnuts, cranberries, and lemon olive oil vinaigrette. Perfect.
THEN — the showstopper. The Breakfast BURGER!
I’ve never heard of this idea before, which I can’t believe because
it’s such a good one! Not something I’d order every day, but this is
the place to do it. All such quality ingredients and such an indulgence.
It’s made up of ribeye, filet mignon, short rib, and New York strip ground together
and topped with cheese, egg, chorizo aioli and ham. Definitely still full from this!
And a smoothie to end for this little eater ^^
Go try Calafia! You won’t regret it.
We can’t wait to come back for the dinner menu!


Happy eating!


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