Road tripping through Placerville

We’ve been road tripping a lot the past month!
For a cabin weekend, Lake Tahoe trip, and some Bay explorations.
Road tripping is not the smoothest with a one-year-old, so we try to drive
while she’s napping but then have to make some stops along the way.
Our forced stops have actually been some of our favorite because we’ve found
unexpected gem towns while taking a break for baby! Here are some pictures
from cute Placerville, a town we passed through on the scenic route to Tahoe.
Baby Rea must have known this would be a cute town, because she woke up
just in time for us to take the exit for this town. We couldn’t believe how cute it was!
And the best veggie sandwich as we continued up the road ^^

Thanks baby Rea for making us take more stops than usual, and find some hidden gems!



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  1. September 1, 2017 @ 1:06 pm Jordan

    The photos are amazing! Thanks for stops!


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