With my husband and baby girl both having birthdays during it,
July has become one of my favorite months! It’s full of summer, celebrating,
parties, boating, trips, watermelon, sun, family, friends, and time together. Your partners birthday in July too? Think of enjoying the sun next year on his birthday with his new gift, a new bike? From Guide De Sport could put a very big smile on your mans face.

A lot of our July was spent in Utah visiting family! We went down to
St. George with Chase’s fam, celebrated the 4th of July and then
Chase’s birthday a few days later! We headed to our favorite place:
the Tetons… and when we got back our baby girl turned ONE!
We celebrated her at a fun birthday party in Salt Lake and flew
home to California the next day! The day after getting back I
had to have a little surgery to remove some melanoma that
had been found deeper in my leg, so I was unexpectedly off
my leg and on crutches for the rest of the month. It was weird
to have to lay low after such a crazy and eventful month, but
it was probably good to be forced to slow down and relax after
all of that. It was also such a good reminder of so many things, and
and a renewed perspective. We’re missing Utah now, but it does feel so
good to be back in California and in our own space now. These
pictures from July are a little out of order, but they are the
in-between that I never posted from the month.

Excited for August!
My happy place ^^
I already miss lake days with these two!
Patriotic baby clothes for R to wear all month!

One of a few birthday dinners for this handsome fella ^^
Baby R’s Dutch birthday party!
Birthday morning with her first little present, and
the cute little smash cake I made for the birthday girl.
(I used this healthier recipe and it was still so good)
This girl gets cuter each month!
Always fun to be in Jackson town!

Cutest boy on the lake ^^
My little bestie!
Nothing better than having my whole family all together ^^
Haha, Chase’s proud finish after a waterski ^^

Beautiful Taggart Lake ^^
How a baby naps on a boat :) ^^
Homemade Cobb salads at home with my mom ^^
I made this yummy homemade bread with pesto & sun-dried tomatoes
in it, which was a success! I love trying variations with it.
The best part of Utah was seeing Reagan with her cousins!!

Utah road trippin’ views ^^
We got Mindy and baby Bennett in our car on the way home from Jackson! ^^
I made a homemade Dutch apple pie for Reagan’s first
birthday party and it was a lot of work, but so fun to make!
I learned a few things to make it better next time :)
My mom and I made two mini cast iron pies from the extra filling ^^

Making lots of tulip sugar cookies for R’s Dutch party! ^^
Loved being around all of our people!

Fresh Dutch mint tea while cleaning up the party ^^
Cherry pie and pesto pasta on a Sunday!
Baby loving her Kids RXBars :)
We love these and seriously she is obsessed too!
Stocked up on lots for us too! ^^
They have helped us cut back on sugary treats by reaching for these instead.
A little surprise baby shower for our friend Steph at Mayfield!
John Mayer concert at Shoreline was the best way to end the month. So so fun!
Tiny John Mayer fan ^^
Us parents aren’t used to being out so late! The concert started at 8:30
and was over at almost 11:30. We lasted the entire time because we brought Rea’s
carrier and she fell asleep in it at our lawn seats…but Chase couldn’t quite hang ;)
Shopping on crutches, and making Chase try on the new
glasses I ordered that were a little too big..haha!
Writing thank you cards for all of Reagan’s sweet birthday gifts!
Love my little girlfriend so much ^^
We’ve been doing some eating in (trying the cauliflower pizza crust from TJ’s),
and eating out..the yummy rotisserie truck at the farmer’s market!
I always do lots of cooking once I get back to my own kitchen.
We fell in love with this recipe my friend sent us!
And of course, my staples ^^
Baby’s one year check up with our cute pediatrician!
Some of our besties Joe & Becca are in town for the summer for Becca’s
law internship, so we love getting to see them since they live back East!
They spoil baby Rea and brought her the cutest dress for her birthday! Growing up in every way possible ^^
My leg all bandaged up after surgery, and a sweet flower
delivery from my in-laws the next day.
We ran into a few of our cute friends at the John Mayer
concert which was so fun. Loved sitting by the Fanaikas all night!
E // R // C
Bye, July!