Japanese Food & Shaved Ice & Broadway Girls Night!

Japanese Food & Shaved Ice & Broadway Girls Night!

Leave it to San Francisco to combine Japanese food, Taiwanese shaved ice,
and a Broadway musical all in one night! It was the perfect girls night out
with perfect weather and the best food + entertainment + company with
one of my Bay besties Sarah. City dates are my very favorite! I love living
a little south on the Peninsula now, but the city has my heart.
For reasons like this ^^
^^ And this
…and this ^^
You see the point. Is there a prettier city?
We did dinner at an authentic Japanese restaurant — one of SF’s best.
Yuzuki is unique and upscale Japanese food that is different than the typical sushi spot.
I was in love with the gorgeous interior & dishes.
It reminded me of being in Japan — clean, light, delicious.
We did the tasting menu and my favorites were:

— Sunomono salad with dungeness crab and fresh wakame seaweed + tosa vinaigrette
— Kara-age marinated fried chicken (SO delicious)
— Yakitori chicken and veggie skewers

Serving up the salmon rice cooked in the Japanese earthen pot! ^^
Wondering if I could take all of these pretty dishes home ^^
We walked off our meal up through Dolores Park with the perfect weather and view ^^
I spy a hummingbird! ^^
Babe Sar ^^
From the Mission we headed over to Divisadero for some treats I couldn’t wait to try..
Powder Shaved Snow! I had seen pictures of this place all over instagram
(you can see why!) and luckily it lived up to the photos…and tasted even
better than it looks! (It’s the worst when it’s the opposite). It’s such a unique
light flavor and texture, with the best flavors. We tried cereal snow, Ube purple
yam, and Vietnamese coffee. All SO good, and especially with the toppings.
I think the Ube purple yam with coconut and blueberry was a winner..
but I seriously loved them all and would get them all again! SO GOOD! 

We left just barely in time to find parking (sorry Sar!)
and rush into the show. Something Rotten! is playing
in SF right now until September 10th, and if you love
musical theatre you need to GO SEE IT NOW! I had such
low expectations and zero idea what it was about, and I ended
up loving it so much. It’s hilarious and clever and so worth seeing!!
Love my musical buddy ^^
I love you, SF. Thanks for always providing the best escapes and adventures.