Exploring Heavenly Ski Resort!

Exploring Heavenly Ski Resort!

One of the perks of staying in South Lake Tahoe is being so close
to Heavenly Ski Resort. As a family, we absolutely love skiing and we go on a winter ski trip every year. This year, we were looking at some of the ski resorts in Andorra but now that we’ve come up here, we might just have to switch up some plans! Although, I have never been to Andorra so maybe that’s still the first choice.
I love a good ski resort during the summer
(and winter of course), but there’s something special about being at
one during the summer. We spent a fun day taking the gondola up
the mountain, stopping at the observation deck for the best sweeping
views of the lake, and to the top for lunch at the lodge. The top also
has so many fun activities like a zip line, ropes courses, and more!
Gondola riders! Love that we started and ended summer with gondola
rides this year. Our last gondola ride was at the beginning of summer in Banff.
Pretty cute grandparents! ^^
Most stunning views of Lake Tahoe from the first stop on the gondola! ^^
And, the top!
Lunch at the Tamarack. Everyone knows lunch at the lodge is the best
part of a ski day, and it’s the same even during the summer. We were
starving and everything from the grill tasted SO good.
Burgers, taco salad, and pulled pork sandwich for the win ^^
Right after lunch and exploring, they announced the mountain was closing
due to lightning so we headed down! It was lucky timing that we got
to enjoy our time and lunch before it was closed down.
Back at the bottom we said hi to the horses in Heavenly Village ^^
We went down to the lake for the afternoon and got caught in the rain,
then came back up to the village for dinner that night when the rain cleared!
There are some of the best restaurants there, and we loved California Burger Co.
Heavenly Donuts — aptly named!
Grandma Linny is the healthiest eater & cook but is always up for a treat on a trip!
After dinner we walked through a little carnival with live music and
games, and of course my dad couldn’t pass up getting a balloon made for baby :)
A little pink flower for the little princess :)

Loved Heavenly and need to come back in the winter next!



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