Cali cabin weekend

Cali cabin weekend

We had a Cali cabin getaway this weekend with our very first friends we ever made
in the Bay — Dusty and Kendall! It was in Arnold, 3 hours northeast from us in
Stanislaus National Forest. We had the best and most relaxing time catching up,
eating, swimming at the water hole, going on walks, playing games, watching
movies, getting ice cream in the tiny town, napping, and being together!
There’s nothing quite like a cabin getaway… lucky us to get to go with friends!

Pretty road trip, although the way there took FIVE hours instead
of THREE because of Friday night Bay Area traffic…ouch.
Luckily our route went through Stockton, where they just put a new
Cafe Rio in…our favorite place from SLC! It made the drive so worth it.
We pulled up to the cute little classic cabin tucked way in the woods!
Pretty strolls around the quiet roads ^^
^^ Hanging on Uncle Dusty before bed
Swimming hole time!

Haha love her lounging on the floatie! ^^
Dusty & Chase at the swimming hole, and later rigging up a
ladder for a project at the cabin — haha doesn’t look too safe!
The cute tiny burger shack in town with the best & creamiest soft serve ^^
Best of crews ^^
This one decided to wake up at 5 AM both mornings there for some
reason, but we made the best of it with some sunrise walks ^^
Baby skis for baby Rea! I loved all the cozy ski decor even though it’s summer!
We stopped by the cutest roadside apple stand by the cabin ^^
I was just sad that they were all out of apple crisp :(
But Chase is still talking about the apple fritters :)
Coolest cabins all through the neighborhood, and I loved this
vintage chairlift hanging in front of the cabin! ^^
Porch sunset on our last night ^^
We made the Yoders stop at Cafe Rio with us on the way back so they
could try it for their first time! Hopefully we didn’t hype it too much, ha.

LOVE these friends and loved our weekend escape.
Cabins are good for the soul. On the way home Chase
and I were dreaming of having our own cabin one day
to fill with lots of memories just like this one. ♥