Utah Summer 2017 Visit

Utah Summer 2017 Visit

We got to spend a month of the summer in Utah with family & friends!
Chase was on the last part of his paternity leave and we had lots of
events and trips happening there, so we just stayed through them all!

We arrived just in time for my cousin’s wedding in my parent’s backyard…
then reunited with my entire family in Park City for a fun weekend getaway.
The next weekend we headed south to St. George with Chase’s family.. we
came back in time to celebrate the 4th of July in SLC, and then straight
into Chase’s birthday weekend. We headed up to the Tetons for a week
with my family, and got back just in time to celebrate our baby girl’s
first birthday
with a fun party in Salt Lake. (Posting that soon!)

For now — here is all of the fun in-between spent in Salt Lake.
It was so nice to have more time at home to relax and see
friends, spend time with family, and enjoy our hometown!

SLC + Draper temples for a wedding & a temple date with Chase ^^
How cute is this picture of Reagan and her two darling grandmas? ?
Dunn siblings dinner at Citris while my parents tended the kiddos ^^
Cooking with Linny ^^ the cutest sight!
Pretty 6 mile run up City Creek Canyon ^^
I think Chase is still exhausted from staying at my parent’s house…
runs, hikes and bike rides every morning, pickle ball in the
backyard every night, and help with the boat…he’s the best!
Braais at my parents’ house…I think I’m still full from them!
I swear we never eat better anywhere in the world than SLC!
She loves being with Mimi & Papa! ^^
Nothing like being with family! The best was our first day in Utah
when I ran into my sis-in-law Whit at Cafe Rio on accident…of course!
Only in SLC :)
I did lots of cooking in my mom’s kitchen, both healthy & indulgent :)
SLC Farmers Market…the best!
Baby R had too much fun with my dad…from Snapchats to kitchen dance parties! ^^
I made Chase play tourist in our own hometown on his birthday, ha ^^
We visited my mom at her new job!
She’s working at Pottery Barn for the summer now that she’s
back, and it was fun to see her there! Lucky her having that discount :)
So nice to be able to go on long runs with Chase
while our parents would watch baby Rea!
We’re not used to having such eager babysitters :)
Love the Tempest girls + getting the kiddos together ^^
Baby’s first zoo date at Hogle Zoo!
We somehow got all of the siblings at the zoo on the same random Friday!
My mom and I wanted to go and we invited my sis in laws,
and then Chase decided to come last minute…when we
got there we saw that both my brothers had been able to
come too! Ha- such a good surprise, and it was fun to take
advantage of all the guys having a day off and all of us being in
one place at one time this summer since we’re normally spread out!
Dreamy summer nights in my parent’s backyard ^^
Nightly pickleball games on my parent’s court! ^^
The best part of Utah is the HIKES!
Reagan + Rocky ??
Being in the canyons during the summer is also the best, if you love them too, check out https://www.dreamlandtours.net/day-tours/kanab/peekaboo-slot-canyon/ to get your canyon fix!^^
So much fun time with cousins!
Maddie & Tagg slept over one night and
Reagan was in heaven the next morning waking
up to them at the house, walking with them, etc!
Seeing our besties Anna and Ginny is always the biggest highlight! ^^
Always the best to see our Mands too! ?
Lots of good food in SLC, as always!
Tempest Dunn dinners are always one of the best parts of SL!
Reagan loved her uncle Drew…she will never cuddle up
like this to other people, but would with him!
^^ Chase’s sister and our babes ^^ Every time we visit it’s so fun
to get these cousins together that are two days apart!
This little fishy loved splashing around in the water all month ^^
Lunches with Linny ^^
Baseball games and being held by Meg! ^^
Walking to church and watching the Tour de France with Papa Bear ^^
I came in to check the crib in my mom’s nursery and laughed so hard
to see Reagan napping and cuddling with this doll…ha!
We love every second we get to hang with the Strongs!
Stopped to see the Alders, some of our Cali favorites who moved to Utah..
and then we may have stopped by our fave SLC house…one day? ;)
Lettie & Reagan, besties from the beginning!
Lots of fun outings with this guy on paternity leave!
Hiking with my mom turns into going off trail and bushwhacking
about 85% of the time…ha! Still love her though!
We got to take some Dunn family photos since we were all back in one
spot for the first time in a few years. So fun to have!
This is the worst photo but the best night with friends at the Bees game!
Baby at the ball game ^^
Love this Meg girl ^^
Lydi and Reagan are the cutest little blonde cousins ^^
One of the biggest reasons I wish I could live in SLC is to hang with
with this bestie and our kids every day! Love Di so much ^^
Happy girl in SLC ^^
We snuck away for a Draper temple date thanks to my parents babysitting!
Fun to hike to this pretty waterfall with Chase on his birthday! ^^
It was fun to try some new restaurants in SLC, including this one! ^^
I will miss those Utah summer nights ^^
A tired girl going through the airport security line after our amazing
month-long visit! And of course we had to wake her up for security,
so she was awake the entire flight…and day…ha! Luckily now we’re
all back on schedule and settled in. Loved our time in UT!
We’ll be back to visit again soon hopefully!



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