Tetons 2017!

Tetons 2017!

The embarrassing amount of pictures in this post should represent the
amount of fun and amazing memories that this place holds for us.
I’m lucky enough to have grown up coming to the Tetons every
year of my life, and my mom grew up coming to the exact same
place every year since she was little! It’s so full of memories
and nostalgia and going each summer fills me to the brim
for the entire year. It’s a stripped down, refreshing week
in nature staying in tent cabins, cooking in dutch ovens,
boating all day every day, not showering, hiking, and
pausing to be together. This year was especially good
with all of us being back together after years away
with us living in Europe and my parents being
away in South Africa. It was the sweetest and
the cherry on top was bringing my own baby
girl for her first time there. Nothing better!
Here are the many pictures that I honestly narrowed
down from 400. Sorry, this is my journal and record of happy
things, and Jackson is one of my happiest things :)
Waving hello to Colter Bay our first morning on the lake!
No better feeling than skiing on that glassy heavenly lake ^^
…and also no better feeling than jumping in that glacier water on
a hot summer day! I think there’s definitely a Jackson Lake in heaven…
(at least I’m counting on it! ;)
Chase = the fun uncle, always. Just look at those faces!
Hiking in the Tetons!
Love these people, and still so happy from all being together in one place! ^^
Dunn cousins in their Teton shirts from Papa & Linny ^^
Early morning runs around the lake ^^
Camping with my mom means some of the best food of the year!
She comes so prepared and her dutch oven cooking especially wins.
Cutest camper girl ^^
In Great Grandpa Kenny’s Navy hammock with the girl cousins! ^^
Hikes with our crew! ^^
Loved walking down from Taggart Lake with Lydi & Mads
^^ All the little cousins on one walk! Love these sissy in laws of mine ♥
Signal Mountain lunch! ^^
A painting of the Tetons we saw that my mom wants to commission full size for her house! ^^
Sunset boat ride to Leeks for dinner ^^
♥ ♥ SO SO happy these two are home.
Cutest boater mama! ^^
Captain Mike ^^
My pro-waterskier mom ^^
…and my hubby looking pretty good out there:
..of course my brother Brady putting us ALL to shame ^^
^^ Love this guy and this place so much
Obsessed with these two blonde cousin besties! ^^
Love this little bear bum ^^
Prettiest mornings to wake up to ^^
Colter Bay Tent Cabin Village…AKA best place in the world.
Reagan and her cute cousin Bennett just riding along behind
the bike, with little Lydi scooting along right by them! ^^
Papa & Linny with the two oldest grandkids Maddie & Tagg ^^
Chase took Reagan out on the tube right before nap time — haha! ^^
My parents’ cabin with their South Africa & American flags ^^
Dutch oven dinners! ^^
We had Dutch oven honey lime enchiladas in the Dutch oven one night,
veggie lasagna another night, a full turkey dinner, and more. SO GOOD!
Nightly campfires with yummy flavored marshmallows for the s’mores!
My cute parents had their hands full with all 6 grandkids!
They left on their mission with 3 and came back to 6!
Driving the boat with papa ^^
Early morning snuggles with her dad before breakfast ^^
It’s always crazy to be back where my dad’s bear attack happened!
Most of the gift shops in the park have this book where his story is told ^^
Flying the drone — and checking the footage under a towel after! Ha!
Look at this cute thing in her little Grand Teton shirt ^^
I ordered us all shirts from Parks Project because they
had my favorite ones, and all purchases give back to
national parks! I loved the little handout that came with them:
The views in this place…
So special to bring my baby girl here! ^^
A beautiful goodbye to the best place ^^

Until next time!


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  • My husband and I are taking our girls, who will be 5 and 3, next summer and cannot wait. We are staying 3 days at Glacier NP first, then 6 days at Yellowstone and Tetons ☺

  • Jackson Lake is such a beautiful place! My husband is from Driggs, Idaho, just on the opposite side of the Tetons from Jackson Hole. So I’ve been there quite a few times! Looks like such a fun family vacation. Your parents seem like the coolest people!

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