Rio Grande Cafe SLC

When I heard that Salt Lake’s classic Rio Grande Cafe was
bought by the same group as The Dodo and Porcupine Grill
(two of our favorites), I knew we had to go check it out!

The craziest part is that I had somehow never eaten here before –
I know it’s a favorite for a lot of people, and the location is the coolest
in an old train depot downtown by Gateway. It was high time to try it out!
This was a fun meal to celebrate this guy’s birthday week!
I had to go for the famous cheese enchilada.
This place is known for it — it’s massive and so creamy and FILLING.
Not something I could eat often, but it was so fun to try.
Carnitas plate for Chase ^^
The waitress convinced us to try two of their best desserts:
homemade key lime pie, and fried ice cream! I didn’t
think I’d like the ice cream at all but I couldn’t stop eating it.
Good things are in store for this place, and area!


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