Reagan’s First Dutch Birthday Party!

Reagan’s First Dutch Birthday Party!

I LOVE birthdays! I love going to Dayton kid’s birthday parties
, I love planning gifts, and I love the acitivities that take place!
That’s why Celebrating baby Rea’s first birthday was so fun & special.
We did the party while in Utah with family and friends, and themed
it DUTCH since we lived in Holland during most of my pregnancy with baby.

A first birthday party is as much a celebration for the parents as the baby,
because although Reagan loved it and had fun, of course she doesn’t quite
grasp birthdays yet…but to us, it was so fun to mark this milestone and
celebrate the most amazing year of our lives. I loved picking this different
theme and planning a party around it for our little Dutch girl. I’m sure next
year and every year on she will request her own birthday party themes, so it
was fun to choose this first one. It turned out cute with Dutch Delft,
tulips, windmills, chocolate, cheese, bread, stroopwafels, clogs, apple pie,

pancakes, and lots of other little details from the charming land of Holland!
The Dutch spread! I got this pretty tablecloth from April Cornell,
the queen of all things fabric! It’s so pretty and I loved it for the
party, but also know that I’ll use it plenty afterwards!
I died over these little wooden-carved windmill and canal house decorations
found on Etsy! I think they’re even better because Reagan will love
playing with them as she grows up…like in a little dollhouse!
They are from this shop – Roses Are Red – and I got the darling
canal houses, wooden windmill, and some tiles. All so so cute!
First things first, a Dutch party wouldn’t be complete without Stroopwafels.
This classic Dutch treat was a must, and I ordered from only the best –
Stroopies! I love that they have variations which made them look so cute.
We got traditional, chocolate dipped, coconut, and salted caramel ^^
Dutch pancakes were a must! Although in the Netherlands they are actually flat
and not puffed, it was more fun to make a “Dutch baby” like we do here ^^
^^ The Dutch oven bread that I love making all the time was perfect for this!
I made a “Dutch cheese” platter but filled in a few other types of cheese
for variation. I love Traders for their cheese selection and got it all there!
(Dutch Gouda, Pesto Gouda, White Stilton with Apricot, Goat Cheese,
and our favorite from there: Unexpected Cheddar! I added two kinds
of salame and some fruit because a pretty cheese board is the best!
Dutch chocolate ^^ one of my favorite touches!
We got our favorite Dutch brand Tony’s Chocolate which
I ate far too much of when I was living there pregnant. :)
Tulip sugar cookies ^^
Mint water was my spin on a Dutch drink. Since we weren’t going to
serve Heineken ;), I did a summer spin on the popular mint tea
that Dutch people love and drink so much…and just served mint water!
Tulips were harder to find since it was the middle of summer, but
thanks to Trader Joe’s and my mother-in-law we rounded up just enough!
I made a little coloring/craft station for the kids with Dutch coloring
pages (clogs, tulips, buildings,) and Dutch doll cutouts!
The canal house napkins and little clogs were two of my favorite touches…
both bought when we lived in Amsterdam and brought home!
Look at my cutest Grandma Ginny who was the life of the party!

She even came in the perfect Dutch blue shirt to match everything :)
Our variation of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ was a game we made
called “plant tulips by the windmill.” I thought it was so cute and
the kiddos loved taking their turn spinning around, closing their
eyes and trying to stick their tulip under the windmill.
The cutest birthday girl! I’ve been saving this sweet dress for her for

so long and it made me so happy to see her wearing it on her first birthday.
The Wood and Rigby girls! ♥
Playing the ‘plant the tulips’ game! ^^
CAKE TIME!! I made this little dark chocolate smash cake using a sugar-free
recipe sweetened with honey and using coconut flour. She had never had
sugar before this, so although I put some powdered sugar in the frosting
I kept the cake a little healthier for her :) It was still actually really good
and all of the adults kept eating little slices after she had her section!
Happy girl! ^^

^^ First tastes of frosting, surrounded by cute cousins :)
Her cousins wanted to help with bath time after the cake :)
After the cake Reagan got a little bath and changed into
jammies before coming out to play a little bit more.
Love this picture with her little cousin Gracie who
turned 1 just two days before Reagan did!
Getting wrangled by cousin love :)
Watching the little video that I made of Reagan’s first year (you can see here!)
Both of her cute Papas! My gram helped so much and made it so fun!
As did my cutest mother-in-law ^^
Love this cute sis-in-law of mine and this Boden dress !!!!
It was the best to gather so many of our favorite friends and family
the night before we left back to California. Love our SLC people!
The Alders ^^ above, and Becks below!
My sister in law Kenz brought a gift in a little Dutch bag which
was the cutest! And my mother-in-law brought this cutest vase ^^
Such a fun night celebrating our babe!
We love her and all of the people who love and support her too.

Happy ONE, baby girl!